Thank You and Beauty Giveaway

I am doing my first ever giveaway as a thank you for an amazing year on YouTube and this blog! Please enter on through YouTube comments only! Good luck!


My easy green shake recipe

Green shakes are amazing; they are a great if you are hungry during the morning or afternoon and they give you a real nutrition boost.

My green shake recipe contains five elements:

  1. Base liquid (fruit juice, water, coconut water)
  2. Citrus (grapefruit, orange, lemon)
  3. A fruit or vegetable (cucumber, berries, mango)
  4. Leafy Green (kale, spinach)
  5. (optional) sweetener (stivia, maple syrup, vanilla extract)

This green shake recipe video uses this recipe:

Orange juice, half a glass,

half a red grapefruit,

a granny smith apple,

two handfuls of spinach

some vanilla extract.

Here are some other combinations that you can try:

Tropical (sort of)

Half a glass of coconut water,

a whole orange,

a hand full of frozen cubes (or half of a fresh) mango

two handfuls of spinach

pinch of stivia


The super hydrating

Half a glass of water,

A whole lemon,

quarter of a cucumber,

two handfuls of kale,

maple syrup.

Tangled Rapunzel’s Costume, Hair and Makeup

Rapunzel’s Makeup:

Rapunzel’s Hair (from the Kingdom scenes) also DIY flower clips:

Rapunzel’s Costume (Really easy costume also easily adaptable for small kids and for gown ups. By the way total cost for everything was under £10.):

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