Review: Barry M Silk Nail Varnish

I am very traditional when it comes to nail varnish. I like my glossy varnishes and normal colours. I never have really bought in to glitter nails or nail art. I love a glossy nail varnish and I think that nothing is better however

Truffel, Heather and Pearl   I think that the Barry M Silk nail varnishes might have converted me out of my dull nail varnish rut.

The first out of the three that I picked up was the purple. I wanted a nice pale purple colour that I could wear all year round. I actually didn’t research this before I buy it. Nail varnishes can be a bit hit and miss and I tend to stick with the brands that I love. So when I got home I had no idea about the texture of the nail varnish.


The vanish is not matte but it is not a gloss. It is an odd thing in the middle of the two; it is what it says a silk look. The best way to describe it is like a frost or a satin eye shadow; not matt but not glittery.

The shades are really wearable. The white I love to wear as a simple shade for every day or a default nail when I

can’t match the varnish to an outfit. The brown shade looks like a nude however it doesn’t suck all the colour out of your hands like most nudes do. The purple is great for that extra pop of colour.

One thing I love to do with these is paint my nails all one colour, either the brown or the white, and make my ring fingers purple as something more interesting.

The dry time is incredible and dries in a matter of minutes with no worry about smudging straight after. I tend to apply two coats however I have, when I was in a rush, only applied one and still the colour pay off is great.


I would say that the varnish lasts for about a week; providing that you do no heavy manual labour. It is quite chip resistant; the only place I find that it wears off is the very tips of my nails but that would be after a good five to six days.

There are about 10 shades in the range. Mainly pastel colours however they have brought out some more darker shades for the winter. I bought these from Superdrug and they were £3.99 and I would say it is very good value for money as it does last a long time also it is a decent amount of product you are paying for.

I would highly recommend this product especially if you want a change from the classic glossy nail and aren’t ready for the full plunge in to matte shades.

Truffel, Heather and Pearl

Truffel, Heather and Pearl


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