A few little changes…

So this blog I will admit I haven’t really been paying attention to. It is mainly about publicising and showing off HQ photos from my videos.

However after much thought I have decided to change this and make this blog have a lot more content so what is going to change:

  1. More product reviews. I love reading reviews so I will try to review as many different products as I can.
  2. Product favorites and top 5s as I find that it is a great way to know some of the best products around in certain categories.
  3. More make up looks. I normally I just post looks that I have done tutorials about but I am going to make a better effort to show some other make up looks. Also if certain looks are very popular I will make videos of them. So basically face of the days.
  4. More lifestyle pieces such as DIY decor ideas and food recipes. I want to continue to branch out from just beauty and fashion so there maybe a few recipes and lifestyle pieces will making an appearance in the next few week.
  5. Also I love makeup tips so I will also be posting a few of my favorite tips and tricks.

So that is all the changes; hope that is all okay with everyone. so the basic message is that this blog will have a lot more content in it and a better range of posts.

My YouTube channel will also have more lifestyle pieces and more content as well. You can find and subscribe to my channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/nerdwithamanicure


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