Review: Bourjois Velvet: Rouge Edition

I love a red lip. The classic red is classic and always fashionable. I love wearing red for day or night.

However there is a problem with red lipstick, well all lipstick in general, is it not staying put throughout the day so I am on a never ending quest to find a long lasting lipstick. I have tried out stains, tints and an assortment of lipsticks but nothing ever got quite as close as the Bourjois Velvet.

02 Frambourjois
02 Frambourjois

I got the shade 02 Frambourjois few months ago (I also did a first impressions/ road test that you can see on my YouTube channel) and I fell in love with it. I also have the shade 07 Nude-ish that I got a few weeks ago.

07 Nude-ish
07 Nude-ish

Lets start with application, you apply with an angled brush that looks like a lip gloss brush. This is a great way to apply as the way the brush is made makes it very easy but also precise to apply. Also this is a tiny point but the amount that comes out with the brush is the perfect amount for the whole lips.

So I normally apply two coats but I will take at least ten minutes between applications as I find this gives the longest lasting colour. I would recommend no eating or drinking for about half an hour after application as this gives it time to set.

The colour will look glossy when it is applied but will turn matte and set after half an hour. Once it is fully matte then you can eat or drink and it will last around seven hours without looking any different to when you first apply it.


07 Nude-ish

The matte finish isn’t drying on your lips and actually it keeps you lips hydrated long after you apply it. I suffer from really dry lips but strangely this doesn’t dry them out at all. It is very surprising as most matte formulas that I have tried tend to dry your lips out a lot but this is so hydrating.

I would recommend only using this on your lips because it does react with other products and causes it to loose it’s long lasting qualities. So I wouldn’t apply lip stick, gloss or a balm over the top.

In terms of value for money I think that it is a great investment as you really don;’t need to use a lot and there is no need to re-apply during the day and that is amazing.

So all in all I would recommend this product as it lasts all day and is matte but also hydrating. I would defiantly give it a go.


Top: 02 Frambourjois Bottom: 07 Nude-ish
Top: 02 Frambourjois Bottom: 07 Nude-ish
Top: 02 Frambourjois Bottom: 07 Nude-ish
Top: 02 Frambourjois Bottom: 07 Nude-ish

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