Mid-February Haul


4 thoughts on “Mid-February Haul

    1. Hey, I started when I was 17 and have been going for the past three years. I would really encourage you to start up and make videos on Youtube as it gives you a great way to make a range of content. Don’t worry if you have no video or editing experience, I didn’t when I started, just give it a go! It is so much fun x

      1. I don’t think so but it really depends on the person. Be prepared because YouTube I have found is a lot more critical than blogs so you may receive negative feedback; it doesn’t happen to everyone but it has happened to me a few time. Make sure you are secure enough with yourself so if that does happen you can deal with it. The younger you are the more you may take greater offence at what some people say. I used to a lot a few years ago but now I am older I am okay with the negative feedback.
        YouTube is more revealing as you are taking to the audience in person, well not in real life but they can see you unlike words on a screen. If you are okay with this then I would say go ahead but I’m not going to lie to you and say that YouTube is a totally harmless place; just be prepared and be sensible about what you put out there and you should be okay. x
        (also please note that all YouTubers start off the same way, nervous and not able to get a sentence out so don’t worry if your first video isn’t perfect just learn from each one and you’ll get better. No one start off with content like missglamorazzi or Zoella it takes time; they all were bad in the beginning as well)

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