How to Stop Makeup Wastage

So I recently finished my bottle of Rimmel London BB Cream or so I thought. The packaging is such that it is hard to get out of the last scraps of product.

As  I am a broke student I decided to cut the top off and get the rest of the product however to my shock there was a lot more than I thought there was.Wastage 1

I started to depot the product and to my surprise there was about 10 ml of product in the pot and the BB cream itself was only 30ml so I could have easily thrown away a third of the product.

It really bugs me when companies use pots and containers like this as it is always such a hassle to get every last part of it out. I much prefer  pot containers than anything else, yes it is hard and a little messy to put liquids in to those sort of containers but if it means not wasting any product then that is always good.

So this is an easy way of de-potting your products.

You need:

A clean container  I get my travel size pots from either Primark or Superdrug.

A small spatula or you could use a spoon

And a pair of scissors

Wastage 2First off clean the container. I really do mean clean make sure it has been washed with hot soapy water or you may contaminate the product.

The snip of the very top of the product but leave the lid on. Start by scooping out the top layer and transferring it to the pot.

Once the top section is clean snip slightly further down and clean out that and continue down to the bottom.

You will be so surprised how much product is really left in the bottom. I wish there was a simple way to depot product out of glass jars, if you do know please tell me.

Also this is good if you are travelling and don’t want to take a big pot with you when you go away.

I know this is such a simple thing to do but I feel that not a lot of people, or cosmetic companies, appreciate how much product is wasted through something so simple as a container design.



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