10 Commandments of Makeup



10 Commandments of Makeup

  1. Thou shalt take off makeup before bed

I know everyone has heard this a million times but it really is rule number one. Makeup does do damage to your skin over a long period of time having makeup on for a few hours is okay but sleeping in it is a one way ticket to having really bad skin.

  1. Thou shalt clean all makeup brushes

The reason for doing this is threefold. One clean makeup brushes helps you apply makeup more smoothly. Two, if you are using an eye shadow the colour will be more vivid. And three, it is unhygienic to continually put your brush from your face to your makeup; it makes the makeup unclean and can cause spots.

  1. Thou shalt always have a clean face before applying makeup

You may not realise this but even when you wash your face at night there is tons of oil and muck on your face in the morning just from sleeping. Not all bad oil, your face naturally releases good oil to keep your skin healthy, but this oil will not help your makeup look great. So wash your face, even if it with a cleansing water or a makeup wipe. Your base makeup will be a lot smoother with a clean face.

  1. Thou shalt moisturise twice daily

Again something that you have heard a lot but probably never thought about the science. After you have washed your face you are removing bad oil and build up but also good oil so you need to replace this with moisturiser.  Even if you have oily skin you need to moisturise and remember you use a moisturiser that suits your skin type.

  1. Thou shalt wear the right shade of foundation

This has bugged me for years ever since fake tan and tanning in general became a big thing. Make sure that your face, neck and body all match. Also remember that there are cool and warm bases to makeup as well; so pick the completely right shade for you.

  1. Thou shalt throw away old makeup products

I really should practice what I preach here because makeup is a grand pool for germs and bacteria. It is crazy how dirty some of these products can be without you even knowing. So have a clear out like you would with your closet and get rid of some of the older products in your collection.

  1. Thou shalt blend eye shadows

The trick to getting the best eye shadow look is blending. This is normally easier with a makeup brush but you can even use a cotton wool bud if you really have nothing else to hand. The best looks are always blended out.

  1. Thou shalt use SPF all year round

So you are in England like me, it is raining and it is dark and cloudy however you still need to wear SPF. The sun’s rays can still damage your skin even in winter. You may not need the factor 50 and apply it three times a day but it is good to keep SPF as a key part of your routine. I would recommend a moisturiser with a SPF in it.

  1. Thou shalt work with your eye and face shape

Every face and eye shape is different and some looks and styles don’t work for all shapes. Think of your face like the rest of your body, you know what looks good or not and you know not to blindly follow every style because it may not suit you. Do the same for your face and eye shape.

  1. Thou shalt have fun with makeup!

The most important commandment of makeup. Have fun. Play around with different styles and see what works for you; mix it up with different colours or try something new. The possibilities  are endless with make up; so give it a go and have fun!


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