Powder scarves wish list and outfit ideas

So through the ‘Blogger Program’ Powder Acessories have asked me to make a wish list of their accessories and how I would style them.

I had never heard about Powder before but I am so glad that I found them. They are based in Edinburgh and they do a mix of silk, linen, faux fur and mix fibre scarves and gloves.

I have been looking at their website and I can honestly say ‘yes to all!’. All the designs are so unique with amazing colours and prints. I love how they are feminine but in a modern chic way.

This is a wish list of some of their spring collection and all the scarves are 100% pure silk.

Their website is here: http://powder-uk.co.uk

Tropical Flower

P1060174 Tropical Flower (Purple Tangerine)

So for this look I have decided to create a look that was a smart casual look for the Spring transition. I used sark purple jeggins that matches the purple hints in the scarf.

The leather jacket and grey tshirt makes the look very bare and flat however this brings better emphasis on the scarf. A plane look can really help the accessories be the main focal point.

I love this scale mainly because of the purple and the orange colours together; the flowers an the pattern is just beautiful and the mix of colours is just perfect.

Water Iris

P1060164 Water Iris

This outfit I would put as a work look in a smart casual office. Again it is a very plain look made to look more interesting and colourful with the scarf.

Using very neutral colours be it nudes or greys can really help emphasise statement accessories like the scarf here.

To make this look a bit more young and modern and a bit more me I would use a purple eyeliner to create a cat eye. Using eyeliner or shadow in similar accessory colours really helps pull the entire look together.


P1060179 Belinda (Pale Pink)This outfit I would wear for a lunch date with my girlfriends. It is light modern and great for spring.

I love the light and pale colours in this look and it is a really beautiful scarf to wear with basically anything. The look that I have paired it with it very simple a feminine, the top has a lace pattern on top and matches the beautiful subtile floral design on the scarf.

The light pink shade at the top of the scarf I would match to my lip stick to make sure that the pretty pink accent is more prominent in the look.

Cherry Blossom

P1060160 Cherry Blossom

This one has to be my absolute favorite as it uses light pastel colours to create this amazing toned scarf. The pinks, greens, and blues are so beautiful together.

The look that I am putting this with would be a date look for a dinner date. The white dress is a great piece to wear for a date as it is smart but being a tshirt dress is also casual. The dark blue blazer and wedges really makes the outfit more modern.

The scarf brings a beautiful elegance to the look and makes it more lively and fun whist also being pretty and feminine.

And I was so inspired by the colours of Cherry Blossom that I made a makeup look. I used the new MUA Spring break palette. It really highlights the amazing turquoise and pink shades.

P1060207 P1060215

Please, go check these out because they are really beautiful and British made.

Scarves start at £13 with silk ones at £18 also available are cosy scarves made from mix fiber or linen that start at £18. Gloves and other accessories are also available.

Wish List Links:






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