Top 5: Rimmel London Products


So I am starting a new series about my favorite beauty brands and the best products within that brand; this is taking over the character wardrobe raid as that failed miserably. So I am going to start off with Rimmel London.

Rimmel London is a UK company and it is about middle of the road in terms of high street price. Not overly expensive but actually does what it says on the tin.

So first off some honorable mentions:

Lasting finish soft colour blush: this is a great product as it applies evenly and has great pigmentation. I feel that it lasts all day and is an overall great blush. My favorite shade is Pink Rose and that is really rose colour natural with a touch of shimmer.

The eye pencils: these are great for long day wear and for smoking out for a really easy smokey eye. I love the dark brown and it really does last all day. I will say that these will last on your eye if you don’t touch your eye; if you do it has a habit of smudging everywhere.

Now to the full list (in no particular order)


Firstly, the exaggerate eyeliner in black. First thing to say is that this is a matte colour it is not glossy in any way and creates a very striking looking eyeliner. I love this because it brings a good contrast in to the eye if you have a shimmery eyeshadow on. All because it dries matte it stays on for longer as the liquid dies firm. However after a long time so say around 12 hours the eyeliner starts to flake off; this can be an issue but it is better than it smudging off.

Secondly the match perfection foundation. I keep coming back to this foundation again and again mainly for two reasons: it is one of very few drugstore foundations that suit my very pale, pink toned skin and also it is a light but buildable coverage. I use this foundation mainly during the day if I just want something to even out my skin tone and not have too much product on my skin. The foundation is quite liquidly and that means that it is easy to apply a thin coat and if you want more coverage wait for it to dry slightly and reapply to make a medium coverage.

The Rimmel London BB Cream is amazing for pale skin I think this is one of the only BB creams in a drug store that suits very pale skin. This is good if you want a very light coverage to even out the skin. This is more densely pigmented than other BB creams I have tried so you actually have good coverage without needing canceller. I especially love this in the summer because it is really light on the skin and creates a nice dewy glow to the skin also it has SPF 25 and that is always a bonus.

Next we have the Glam eyes day-to-night mascara this has two settings one for thickness and another for lengthening. It is the same brush just with the lengthening side the applicator takes off more product so it is easy to have longer lashes. The brush is very useful but also the formulation is very good and doesn’t fake at all on me.

Finally we have the brow this way gel, this is one of the very first brow gels to come out in UK drugstores and I am go glad for it. The brush is small and works really well at combing through the brow hairs and the colour is a really nice natural shade. I will say when you first get it the brush at the start has too much product on but that is the only complaint I have.

So that is the end of this top 5, let me know any other Rimmel products I should try as I do really love them.


DIY Ring Dish

So I will be doing a few DIY videos in the next few week and I thought I would start it off with a DIY ring holder. I love the lace detailing on it and it makes it look really special. I also love that it looks homemade and I think that is par of the charm.

May have not been clear in the video but the clay will take at least a day to dry out, I did have mine in the sun for a most of that time and make it dry out quicker. Just to keep that in mind if making it for a deadline.


Bird Design Fashion

So I was browsing for a few fashion edits and came across a lot of pieces that had birds on them. So I decided to just put a collection of pieces that I thought were pretty.

I like how some of the pieces have the birds as the highlight such as the Oasis top or the New Look dress but I also like when the birds are incorporated more subtly into the design such as the Monsoon jumper and the dresses from Dorothy Perkins.

I also added in a few accessories as well as there was some great ones around at the moment.
Bird fashion edit

List of clothes (from top left):

Monsoon Jumper – £45 (,mon_1.6/7435850808?skipRedirection=true)
Oasis Top – £22 (
New Look Tshirt – £9.99 (
Accessorize Earrings – £10 (,acc_2.4/7814299900?skipRedirection=true)
Dorothy Perkins Necklace – £10 (
Dorothy Perkins Dress – £26 (
Dorothy Perkins Dress – £55 (
New Look Dress – £26 (

Purple Coronation

So I was playing around with the Smashbox ‘On the Rocks’ palette last night and I came up with this look. The main colour is the purple shade Coronation and my favourite part of this one is the way the shade mist looks over the top of the purple shade.

I also added a bit of black and grey in to the look just to intensify but other than that it was those main colours. Hope you guys enjoy.

Review: Nivea In shower Body Moisturiser

So this is a quick review of a new product out. So this is a new moisturiser from Nivia that you can use in the shower and then it washes off and you are ready to go. It leaves your skin smooth and is vertically no effort at all.

P1070568 Okay, I can hear your skepticism through the computer.

Going to once again skip to the main part; yes it does work. You add a thin layer to your skin and simply rinse off until you feel that there is no residue on your skin.

This is so quick it feels like cheating. Because your skin, obviously, is already wet it applies so easily. I will say I use around 10ml for my arms and legs and this way it gives a really nice smooth finish to the skin. You do need to rub it in for the moisturiser to work but it will take around half a minute tops.

Providing you rise it off properly there is nothing left on your skin so when you towel dry your towel won’t get messy. I feel that my skin does feel very soft for around 24 hours like advertised so I think that this is a moisturiser that is not only quick to use but also works.

The effects are almost instant and it does work from one go. So even on the first application my skin was feeling much smoother.

P1070569 So lets talk about a few bad points. So firstly it does make your shower floor very slippy so if you are a bit unstable when having a shower then don’t use it. I have nearly slipped in the shower already and I have been using it for a week.

This is probably best for people who have normal skin if you have very dry skin then this might not be strong enough to combat really dry skin but for average skin for daily use then it is great.

I would say that it is not brilliant value for money as I do find that I use around double what I would normally use for moisturiser however it was £3.69 from Boots and that won’t break the bank.

Overall I do like it. If you are a really busy person or just a lazy person like me then this is a great product for you. Now that Nivea have developed a formula for this I would like to see one for dryer skin but other than that it is great.


Mac Stars and Rockets

So this look uses believe it or not only three products: Maybeline colour tattoo in Endless purple, black eyeliner and ‘Stars and Rockets’ by Mac.

The application is simple, firstly add a base of the Maybeline colour tattoo or other purple eye base or pencil. Then smudge a line using the eyeliner in to the lashes and create a thick line. Use the eyeliner in the crease and smudge out with your finger to create a soft black shade.

Then go over the top with Mac Stars and Rockets. work this over the eyeliner, the purple base and in the crease.

Where the eyeshadow is on the black it creates this amazing blue shade, the purple base gives it that strong purple shade and where it hits clean skin it makes a beautiful purple shade.

This looks like you have spent hours over this but it is just three products. Please comment if you would like a video tutorial for this if my instructions here were terrible.




Beach holiday thumb


Three outfits, one dress – Blush pencil dress

1 Dress, 3 Looks - blush dress

So the first look is a slightly edgy rock look. This contrasts the pink, lace dress with statement pieces like the necklace and the black leather jacket. The court shoes are made of lace and bring the look together. I would recommend this look for an evening out with the girls.

This next look is more a formal look or for a smart office look. Keeping the colour palette neutral makes a very sophisticated look. Adding a belt to a dress can completely change the look of a dress and matching all accessories together keeps everything incorporated.

The final look turns the formal dress in to something more suited to smart casual. Matching a smart dress with smart flip flops is an easy way to dress down a look. Lots of accessories can look a bit too over whelming however small stackable bracelets is a good way to add a little sparkle. A simple headband is a great way to add a little more interest in to an outfit.


List of pieces:

Blush Open Back Pencil Dress: £32 (<a href=”;ps=20″>;ps=20</a&gt;)

<strong>Look 1</strong>

Miss Selfridge Ruby Faux Leather Biker Price: £49 (<a href=”;ps=40″>;ps=40</a&gt;)

Accessorize Betty Bow Glitter Hardcase Clutch Bag: £29 (<a href=”,acc_1.7/8899548100″>,acc_1.7/8899548100</a&gt;)

Accessorize Warrior Princess Collar Necklace: £17.00 (<a href=”,acc_2.1/8823794000″>,acc_2.1/8823794000</a&gt;)

Next Black Lace Platforms: £35 (<a href=”×55″>×55</a&gt;)

<strong>Look 2</strong>

Dorothy Perkins Luxe Ivory Structured Blazer: £49.00 (;ps=20)

Dorothy Perkins Tan Screw Detail Skinny Belt: £5.00 (<a href=”;ps=20″>;ps=20</a&gt;)

Plaited Soft Satchel Bag: £32.00 (<a href=”,acc_1.1/8892002200?skipRedirection=true”>,acc_1.1/8892002200?skipRedirection=true</a&gt;)

Arista Abe Nude Womens Smart Shoes: £40 (<a href=”″></a&gt;)

<strong>Look 3</strong>

<em>Lotus White matt ‘Stelia’ toe post sandals £39.99 (<a href=”″></a&gt;)</em>

Floral Friligree Heart Long Pendant: £10.00 (<a href=”,acc_2.1/8824658100″>,acc_2.1/8824658100</a&gt;)

10 X Rose Eclectic Stretch Bracelet: £8.00

(<a href=”,acc_2.2/8841827000″>,acc_2.2/8841827000</a&gt;)

Sarah Flower Alice Band: £10.00 (,acc_15.4/7863060600)

Review: Elegant Touch Natural French Nails

I will begin this review by simply stating that the box only claims for the nails to last three days. So this is not a product that tries to say that the nails will last for weeks. Let’s just jump to the point were I say how long the nails last; they lasted exactly 7 days before they started to fall off by themselves.

P1070029 P1070038For a product that claims to only last three days lasting seven days is really good.

I will begin with application and it is very easy. The nails are pre-glued in the box and they don’t have a peel off back so you just pick up the right nail and stick it on.

This is  easy as there is no sticky back to remove however once the nails are on they are not coming off so you do have to guess what size each nails is. A few nails were slightly the wrong size and felt a like they were about to fall off.

The thumb nail was the worst size as it was really big and was very loose. That one did fall off within five days but when you get the right size, or as close as you can get it, the nails fit fine.

P10700381 I work a lot with my hands I will say that during last week when I had them on I did a lot of housework, made fresh pasta, made fresh bread, went in to town, went running. I did not sit at home all day, I said all day! So they have actually lasted through a lot.

The range of sizes are really good, I used the second largest size and I have quite small nails and this might be a problem for someone with larger nails. The difference in sizes aren’t too big and that is good because there is 24 nails in a pack and you can easily get two sets out one pack making them good value for money.

In terms of look the colour lasted very well and nothing chipped off. The colour is french manicure colour and is a natural colour on the nails. I got the shirt nails and they are a really good length; when looking in the store the long nails looked a little too long so if you want a natural looking nail go for the short ones.

The glue makes no marks on the first few days however at around day five the nail looses the glue around the edges started to come away leaving a glue mark in the centre underneath the false nail. This also meant that around the edges got a little dirty.

P1070490Also the next part is a little gross but the underneath by the tip of my real nail got a little dirty as well at the start. Because my nails were really short to start off with the glue didn’t fully cover all my nail so things did get caught in there.

The glue is very sticky and will stick to everything but it also remains sticky. So on day seven one of the nails fell off and all I did was dry the nail and the fake one and it was easy to reattach. This is good because if the nail does fall off it can be re-stick without any extra products.

As a stick on and go nail I think that this one has to be one of the best that I have tired simply because they last double the length that they ay on the box. Much longer than Impress Press-on Manicure and a few other brands that I have tried.

I may repurchase these nails again as a just incase type of thing as they do do the job they are meant to do. They did cost £7.20 from Superdrug and I do find that price to be a bit high however as already said I could easily get two sets out of the 24 pack so it is good value for money.

Beach Holiday Makeup Look

So I filmed this in Albufeira, Portugal, on  my hotel balcony. Hope you guys like this video and the beautiful scenery behind me.




Nivia Daily Essentials Sensitive Day Cream
Nivia Daily Essentials Sensitive Day Cream
Garnier Ambre Solaire Face & Neck Cream in 50+
Garnier Ambre Solaire Face & Neck Cream in 50+
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15 and Primark Stippling Brush
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15 and Primark Stippling Brush
Rimmel London Brow This Way Styling Gel in Blonde
Rimmel London Brow This Way Styling Gel in Blonde
Maxfactor Masterpiece Extensions 3in1 Volumising Mascara in Black
Maxfactor Masterpiece Extensions 3in1 Volumising Mascara in Black
Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in 830 Rose
Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in 830 Rose
Bourjois Paris Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner in 47 Purple Night
Bourjois Paris Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner in 47 Purple Night
Rimmel London Kol Eye Pencil in 011 Stable Brown
Rimmel London Kol Eye Pencil in 011 Stable Brown
Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in 65 Rose Pink
Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in 65 Rose Pink