A few more changes…

So I posted a few months ago about some changes to this blog and I have tried, sort of, to keep to them however there are going to be a few more things that will change now.

For those who don’t know I was at University for the past three years studying journalism with creative writing and around a month a go I finished uni! Whoop!

So basically between applying for jobs and going on holiday I have very little to do so I will be updating this blog, starting this Monday, eveyday of the week!

And here is how it is going to look as a schedule:

Monday: video post; my YouTube schedule is now every Monday and Thursday and this post will be the video as well as any other extra information to do with the post. Such as lists of products, photos ect.
I know that a lot of my blog followers only look at posts for updates about videos so I think need to keep doing special blog posts just about videos.

Tuesday: review day. As the title suggests this is a straight review of a products that I have been using. A simple written review with photos. Just like I have been doing in the past.

Wednesday: ootd / fashion edit. So I love fashion however I feel that I don’t talk about it too much on this blog so this will either be a photo ootd with myself and my own clothes or a fashion edit! Whichever feels more appropriate for the type of fashion.

Thursday: video post again.

Friday: character wardrobe raid. So this type of post is inspired by a blogger I found. I wish I could remember who it was as she was amazing but she had a great idea for a post.

It was about wanting to raid a fictional characters wardrobe. So looking at their style and have a good old fashioned  fan girl session of their different outfits. Plus looking at pieces that are currently out there to buy so to encorperate their style in my wardrobe.

Saturday: feature / anything post. Sorry this one is a bit vague but this will be a written piece to do with fashion or makeup. So anything I fancy be it a tag post, top 5 post, general view on something fashion or makeup related. Whatever takes my fancy at the time.

Sunday: photo tutorial, this is exactly what it says on the tin a tutorial with photos. I don’t think I could have any more patronising in that last sentence if I tried. But in all seriousness this is the type of thing you see on Pintrest or in magazines of how to make something.

This will be anything from makeup to crafts to food to nails to fashion and will cover a range of lifestyle topics.

So that is pretty much everything from me for this. I think posting this will help me keep to this schedule. My YouTube channel will keep with the same variety of content but will just be posted Monday and Thursday. Also I will say the next round of videos will all be beach holiday themed as I have just come back from Portugal!

I’m just going to end this post by saying see you on Monday and showing you the view from my hotel balcony at sunset.

– Kisses, Vicki.



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