Review: Elegant Touch Natural French Nails

I will begin this review by simply stating that the box only claims for the nails to last three days. So this is not a product that tries to say that the nails will last for weeks. Let’s just jump to the point were I say how long the nails last; they lasted exactly 7 days before they started to fall off by themselves.

P1070029 P1070038For a product that claims to only last three days lasting seven days is really good.

I will begin with application and it is very easy. The nails are pre-glued in the box and they don’t have a peel off back so you just pick up the right nail and stick it on.

This is  easy as there is no sticky back to remove however once the nails are on they are not coming off so you do have to guess what size each nails is. A few nails were slightly the wrong size and felt a like they were about to fall off.

The thumb nail was the worst size as it was really big and was very loose. That one did fall off within five days but when you get the right size, or as close as you can get it, the nails fit fine.

P10700381 I work a lot with my hands I will say that during last week when I had them on I did a lot of housework, made fresh pasta, made fresh bread, went in to town, went running. I did not sit at home all day, I said all day! So they have actually lasted through a lot.

The range of sizes are really good, I used the second largest size and I have quite small nails and this might be a problem for someone with larger nails. The difference in sizes aren’t too big and that is good because there is 24 nails in a pack and you can easily get two sets out one pack making them good value for money.

In terms of look the colour lasted very well and nothing chipped off. The colour is french manicure colour and is a natural colour on the nails. I got the shirt nails and they are a really good length; when looking in the store the long nails looked a little too long so if you want a natural looking nail go for the short ones.

The glue makes no marks on the first few days however at around day five the nail looses the glue around the edges started to come away leaving a glue mark in the centre underneath the false nail. This also meant that around the edges got a little dirty.

P1070490Also the next part is a little gross but the underneath by the tip of my real nail got a little dirty as well at the start. Because my nails were really short to start off with the glue didn’t fully cover all my nail so things did get caught in there.

The glue is very sticky and will stick to everything but it also remains sticky. So on day seven one of the nails fell off and all I did was dry the nail and the fake one and it was easy to reattach. This is good because if the nail does fall off it can be re-stick without any extra products.

As a stick on and go nail I think that this one has to be one of the best that I have tired simply because they last double the length that they ay on the box. Much longer than Impress Press-on Manicure and a few other brands that I have tried.

I may repurchase these nails again as a just incase type of thing as they do do the job they are meant to do. They did cost £7.20 from Superdrug and I do find that price to be a bit high however as already said I could easily get two sets out of the 24 pack so it is good value for money.


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