Mac Stars and Rockets

So this look uses believe it or not only three products: Maybeline colour tattoo in Endless purple, black eyeliner and ‘Stars and Rockets’ by Mac.

The application is simple, firstly add a base of the Maybeline colour tattoo or other purple eye base or pencil. Then smudge a line using the eyeliner in to the lashes and create a thick line. Use the eyeliner in the crease and smudge out with your finger to create a soft black shade.

Then go over the top with Mac Stars and Rockets. work this over the eyeliner, the purple base and in the crease.

Where the eyeshadow is on the black it creates this amazing blue shade, the purple base gives it that strong purple shade and where it hits clean skin it makes a beautiful purple shade.

This looks like you have spent hours over this but it is just three products. Please comment if you would like a video tutorial for this if my instructions here were terrible.




Beach holiday thumb



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