Review: Nivea In shower Body Moisturiser

So this is a quick review of a new product out. So this is a new moisturiser from Nivia that you can use in the shower and then it washes off and you are ready to go. It leaves your skin smooth and is vertically no effort at all.

P1070568 Okay, I can hear your skepticism through the computer.

Going to once again skip to the main part; yes it does work. You add a thin layer to your skin and simply rinse off until you feel that there is no residue on your skin.

This is so quick it feels like cheating. Because your skin, obviously, is already wet it applies so easily. I will say I use around 10ml for my arms and legs and this way it gives a really nice smooth finish to the skin. You do need to rub it in for the moisturiser to work but it will take around half a minute tops.

Providing you rise it off properly there is nothing left on your skin so when you towel dry your towel won’t get messy. I feel that my skin does feel very soft for around 24 hours like advertised so I think that this is a moisturiser that is not only quick to use but also works.

The effects are almost instant and it does work from one go. So even on the first application my skin was feeling much smoother.

P1070569 So lets talk about a few bad points. So firstly it does make your shower floor very slippy so if you are a bit unstable when having a shower then don’t use it. I have nearly slipped in the shower already and I have been using it for a week.

This is probably best for people who have normal skin if you have very dry skin then this might not be strong enough to combat really dry skin but for average skin for daily use then it is great.

I would say that it is not brilliant value for money as I do find that I use around double what I would normally use for moisturiser however it was £3.69 from Boots and that won’t break the bank.

Overall I do like it. If you are a really busy person or just a lazy person like me then this is a great product for you. Now that Nivea have developed a formula for this I would like to see one for dryer skin but other than that it is great.



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