Bird Design Fashion

So I was browsing for a few fashion edits and came across a lot of pieces that had birds on them. So I decided to just put a collection of pieces that I thought were pretty.

I like how some of the pieces have the birds as the highlight such as the Oasis top or the New Look dress but I also like when the birds are incorporated more subtly into the design such as the Monsoon jumper and the dresses from Dorothy Perkins.

I also added in a few accessories as well as there was some great ones around at the moment.
Bird fashion edit

List of clothes (from top left):

Monsoon Jumper – £45 (,mon_1.6/7435850808?skipRedirection=true)
Oasis Top – £22 (
New Look Tshirt – £9.99 (
Accessorize Earrings – £10 (,acc_2.4/7814299900?skipRedirection=true)
Dorothy Perkins Necklace – £10 (
Dorothy Perkins Dress – £26 (
Dorothy Perkins Dress – £55 (
New Look Dress – £26 (


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