Top 5: Rimmel London Products


So I am starting a new series about my favorite beauty brands and the best products within that brand; this is taking over the character wardrobe raid as that failed miserably. So I am going to start off with Rimmel London.

Rimmel London is a UK company and it is about middle of the road in terms of high street price. Not overly expensive but actually does what it says on the tin.

So first off some honorable mentions:

Lasting finish soft colour blush: this is a great product as it applies evenly and has great pigmentation. I feel that it lasts all day and is an overall great blush. My favorite shade is Pink Rose and that is really rose colour natural with a touch of shimmer.

The eye pencils: these are great for long day wear and for smoking out for a really easy smokey eye. I love the dark brown and it really does last all day. I will say that these will last on your eye if you don’t touch your eye; if you do it has a habit of smudging everywhere.

Now to the full list (in no particular order)


Firstly, the exaggerate eyeliner in black. First thing to say is that this is a matte colour it is not glossy in any way and creates a very striking looking eyeliner. I love this because it brings a good contrast in to the eye if you have a shimmery eyeshadow on. All because it dries matte it stays on for longer as the liquid dies firm. However after a long time so say around 12 hours the eyeliner starts to flake off; this can be an issue but it is better than it smudging off.

Secondly the match perfection foundation. I keep coming back to this foundation again and again mainly for two reasons: it is one of very few drugstore foundations that suit my very pale, pink toned skin and also it is a light but buildable coverage. I use this foundation mainly during the day if I just want something to even out my skin tone and not have too much product on my skin. The foundation is quite liquidly and that means that it is easy to apply a thin coat and if you want more coverage wait for it to dry slightly and reapply to make a medium coverage.

The Rimmel London BB Cream is amazing for pale skin I think this is one of the only BB creams in a drug store that suits very pale skin. This is good if you want a very light coverage to even out the skin. This is more densely pigmented than other BB creams I have tried so you actually have good coverage without needing canceller. I especially love this in the summer because it is really light on the skin and creates a nice dewy glow to the skin also it has SPF 25 and that is always a bonus.

Next we have the Glam eyes day-to-night mascara this has two settings one for thickness and another for lengthening. It is the same brush just with the lengthening side the applicator takes off more product so it is easy to have longer lashes. The brush is very useful but also the formulation is very good and doesn’t fake at all on me.

Finally we have the brow this way gel, this is one of the very first brow gels to come out in UK drugstores and I am go glad for it. The brush is small and works really well at combing through the brow hairs and the colour is a really nice natural shade. I will say when you first get it the brush at the start has too much product on but that is the only complaint I have.

So that is the end of this top 5, let me know any other Rimmel products I should try as I do really love them.


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