Purple Foil: Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1

So this is another look using the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette. I used the second lightest shimmery shade that is a grey with a purple undertone to create the main lid colour. I foiled the shade and I did this by mixing the shade with water. It creates this amazing shade that is very densely pigmented.

I also used the shimmery purple shade as a liner and the shade above that that again has a purple mauve undertone to create the colour on the bottom to help balance out the eye.

P1080178 P1080182 P1080188 P1080189 P1080192


Maple Iced Latte

Maple Iced Latte

To one tsp of instant coffee add in 2tbsp of boiling water. Add in a dozen ice cubes then around 1-2 tbsp, depending how sweet you like it, of maple syrup. Top off with milk, stir and enjoy.

Lush Haul August ’15

So I went on a little spending spree at Lush and decided to show you guys what I have got. Some of these things are new to me and others are repurchase but let’s just get started with this.


So the first thing I got was The Ultimate Shine shampoo bar and I have tired the Lullaby shampoo bar and I found that to be a little drying to my hair so I got this, mainly to prove to myself, that not all the lush shape bars made your hair dull.

This one has a very fresh and clean smell to it. I can’t really pick out any strong smells with it and I think I like that as it will give my hair shine without leaving behind any smells.P1080123

The next hair product is Roots and this is a hair treatment. I have already used this so I know what it is like and it is amazing. You massage it in to your scalp and it creates this amazing tingling sensation to your head.

The sent is amazing as it is mint and grapefruit this does linger on your hair for a while but I think I like the smell enough for that to not be an issue. It left my hair nourished and very shiny.


Next we have something I have never used before and this is Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner) massage bar. I got this because my skin is very dry at the moment and I really wanted something to help resolve that issue and shea and cocoa butter always work wonders to my skin.

This is simple to use as you just rub it in to your skin using hot water to activate it. Sorry for constantly talking about smells in this post but this smells just like chocolate. Cannot wait to try this.


The next two things are repurchase and the first is Sunnyside because it is just amazing and I don’t think anything can come close to Sunnyside. A quick update on what this is just incase you have been living under a cave, Sunnyside is a bubble bar that makes the bath look like liquid gold.

This one creates amazing bubbles and just makes the whole bath feel amazing and very luxurious.

Finally I have a product I haven’t used since I was about 16 and that is because my spots haven’t been this bad since I was 16. Cupcake facemark is designed to get rid of spots and reduce oil.

I love this because it really does help reduce spots and oil but in a very easy gentle way. I find with a lot of masks to do with spots they can be very strong and harsh on the skin but this one makes the spots go away but with out causing me to have even more sensitive skin.

Top 5 Nail Varnishes


This is my top five nail vanishes. I have decided to do a general top five where I take a specific section of beauty or cosmetics and talk about them. Starting with my all time favourite thing… nail varnishes.

As always the list is in no particular order and to start two honourable mentions:

Essie’s ‘Tea and Crumpets’ this is a very light peachy pink shade. It is not overly pigmented and I kind of like that I use this mainly as shade when I don’t want any noticeable shade on my nails but I want them to look neat and clean.

The second honourable mention is Ciate’s ‘Locket’ shade. This is a very glittery shade it combines large silver shapes with very fine glitter and it is just amazing. It isn’t a glitter that makes your nails all bumpy because the glitter is really thick and it is just incredible. Not on my top five just because it is an over lay shade and not for every day.

Now for the top five:


So the first in the Barry M silk nail varnish. I love this one because it has a really interesting look on the nails. It is not a texture that is normal for a nail varnish. It is as the name implies a silk texture.

It is a shimmy shade without a gloss finish. This actually makes it dry really quickly because it is not a shiny finish. The texture of the varnish when applying is fairly thick but again I think this helps with the drying process.

The three shade I have in this type is Pearl, pictured, and that is a white, Heather, and that is a mid toned purple shade and finally Truffle and that is a taupe brown shade. All have the same multi-coloured shimmer to them so the colour is lifted from being a flat shade.


The Speedy Quick Dry formulation from Barry M is everything that you want in a nail varnish for those who don’t like to wait around for your nails to dry. This one is not as fast as the Avon Speed Dry that I will talk about further down but it is very fast to dry out.

What I love about this nail varnish is the bush and how the nail varnish itself is a very thin texture and I think that this helps with the application become a lot quicker.

The two shade I have are both a muted grey colours the first is the one pictured, Lap of Honour, and the other is of the same shade in blue called Eat my Dust.


The next is a colour that I have had for years, well not this pot exactly I have repurchased about three times. This is my number one go to colour I love the fact that it is a pink shade that doesn’t feel too girly.

The shade Grape of the Rimmel London Lycra Pro shade is my absolute favourite of the colours. I also have the shade Oyster Pink and this is good if you just want a wash of colour with a tiny bit of shimmer.

Do I really believe the whole 10 day wear part of the advertisement… not really as it does start to chip after a week or so but it does hold up a lot better than other nail varnishes that I have tried.

Maxfactor Glossfinity in the shade Angle Nails is one of the best nail varnishes that I use for the holiday season or for parties.

The shade itself is very sparkly however it is not have any glitter in it so it applies very smoothly. The shade itself is a purple silver colour with silver slitter running through out.

I love this shade because it really does go with everything. It can be worn every day and for nights out as it is a very sparkly beautiful shade. I love the formation of this nail varnish I want to try more of this range because it is a great formulation.


This is the quickest nail varnish I have ever used. 30 second is not a stupid ad campaign it really does tell the truth.

I have five of the shades but I am just going to talk about the two darkest shades that I have because I think that the colour pay off is so much better with the darker shades than the lighter ones. The light shades aren’t as pigmented as I like and leave a sheer colour on your nails.

The two I love the most are Smokey Plums, pictured, and that is a dark plum shade. The other is expresso mocha and that is such a dark brown it almost looks black on the nails. These shade are great because they are dark but also very glossy and they dry on 30 seconds. Well the first coat dries in 30 seconds leave the second coat for at least a minute.

Mint Playsuit

This look I am keeping very simple as to not distract the attention from the play suit. Wearing mint can be very difficult as it is a unusual colour to wear. I’m not sure why it is unusual as it is an amazing colour for anyone.

This Look is all about keeping focus on the mint colour. The jacket is lace as when worn the mint colour shows through the holes in the lace, the necklace is a statement piece but also metallic so will reflect the mint shades of the playsuit. And finally the shoes are simple as to not attract attention from the main piece.

Mint playsuit

List of pieces:

Top Shop, Petite Cut-Out Playsuit, £50.00: http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/petite-455/petite-playsuits-jumpsuits-3108180/petite-cut-out-playsuit-4588908?bi=0&ps=20

New Look, Cream Lace Trim Kimono, £29.99: http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/tops/cream-lace-trim-kimono_354686013

Acessorize, 3D METALLIC FLOWER NECKLACE, £17.00: http://uk.accessorize.com/view/product/uk_catalog/acc_17,acc_2.1/8824468100

Top Shop, Suede Platform Sandas, £49.00: http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/shoes-430/sandals-3106625/locket-suede-platform-sandals-4489433?bi=1&ps=20

Lemon and Ginger Green Shake

Lemon and ginger is a classic combination so why not incorporate it in to a green shake.

This is a an elaboration to the last Green Shake recipe and changing out a few things to make this shake have a subtile lemon and ginger flavour. The lemon is there when you first taste it and then there is a refreshing ginger hint at the end of the shake.

The only thing I will mention is that ginger is hard to break down in a bender so I would blend this for double the normal time to make sure I don’t have any ginger chunks in there.


For a pint of shake you need:

200ml of orange juice, I use this to add sweetness and extra nutrition.

1 lemon, I just cut the rind and skin off then chuck in the whole fruit.

1 green apple, again for sweetness and getting more fruit in there.

Around 150g of spinach, the main star of the shake.

1tbsp of fresh ginger, either chopped finely or grated.

1tsp of maple syrup, optional if you have a real sweet tooth.

Dump in a blender and blend, couldn’t be simpler.


Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

So this is going to be a little rave review of the Maybelline Baby Lips as I compeatly love this lip balm. Honestly this is not something I can even criticise at all.P1070578

If you want a lip balm that is really hydrating for very dry and cracked lips then this is the one for you. I have a lot of lip issues, mostly them cracking and being so dry I can’t wear lipstick, but this completely gets rid of this issue and creates very soft lips in no time at all.

One of the main problems I find with lip balms is that they can be very P1070581sticky and shiny and make it look like you have lip gloss on. This one crates a very subtile shine to the lips without being too over powering. Because of this I do like to wear this over the top of lipsticks or lip stains as it makes the colour more vibrant and glossy.

The lip gloss in the tube is quite hard but slides on really smoothly, this is good because it means that you don’t end up applying too much product.

The only complaint I have ever had about this is the yellow and orange packaging that is very garish however it makes it incredibly easy to find in the bottom of your hand bag.

So if you want a affordable, smooth and extremely hydrating lip balm then look no further than this.

DIY Ornament Shelves

This is how to repurpose a CD rack or any other small book case to become a great ornament shelf to hold all your little nick nacks neatly.

First I removed the back by unscrewing the sides and taking the back broad out. Another variation of this might be to cover the back board with wrapping paper to make the back a cute design. I have kept it out as I want the colour of the wall to show through the sides.

Next I sanded down the wood so that the spray paint will stick better. After sanding I washed it down to get rid of any dust then I spray painted the whole thing. I used the Wilko spray paint gloss in Antique White.

ordnamt sleves

How to Beauty Blog on a Budget

You can blog for free but also you can get carried away with things you think you need and it can become very expensive. If you get in to blogging and really enjoy it then investing in some equipment might be beneficial to you however a good blog does not need extra stuff yo make it good.

If you are starting out then I would recommend that you spend nothing, apart from time, to your blog. Especially if this is your first blog as you may not like blogging and wasting money is not good for anyone.

So here are a few tips on how to blog with basically no money.

First use free blog sites, I love WordPress and I have also used Blogger. These sites will ask for money to use special features; you don’t need any of them straight away. The free templates are good and storage space is vast and lets be honest you can live with wordpress.com being at the end of your blog.

If you want these features then by all means purchase the premium package but starting out you don’t need it.

As I am doing this post specifically about beauty blogging so we need to move on to photos. First off use what cameras you have available; if you happen to have an SLR then use that if you have an iPone use that. I use a Panasonic DMC-TZ40 and this is a compact camera and is really good but just to bring a comparison of a shot by my camera and my iPhone 5c:

Taken with iPhone 5c
Taken with iPhone 5c
Taken with Panasonic DMC-TZ40
Taken with Panasonic DMC-TZ40








Obviously the one on the right is has a better quality than the one on the left but there is nothing wrong with the one on the left this is good for starting up your blog. So at the very beginning use your phone or whatever camera you have to hand.

Whist we are still on the topic of photos lets talk editing. You don’t need photoshop for a bit of cropping and light retouching I used https://pixlr.com for computer editing before buying Photoshop. This is a really simple package that can do lots of different things. If you use your phone to take photos download an app and edit from your phone. I like the Photoshop app that is free and this does all the basics of photo editing; Rookie Cam is also a good one that is free as well.

P1080021Now just taking an clear photo is not enough you also need it to be visually interesting and have some sort of background. I personally like having a clean white background with no lines for this I use a sheet of wrapping paper that is attached to the wall with blue tack then then hangs down to the floor. Very high tech I know.

Otherwise look around your house for nice things, cool wood grain nice pieces of fabric. Some of these things can be very cheaply bought but find a nice table or throw pillow or old jumper to shoot on instead of going out and buying anything.

Keeping costs down a bit about reviewing products. Start by reviewing things that you already have. When I started blogging I used to buy loads of newly released products so I could keep my blog as topical as possible. This was stupid of me. Yes, try new products but don’t spend loads of money to simply review something. Review what you already have and work from there.

Next use advertisement that is already free, make sure that you link your blog with your social media accounts. If you don’t have Twitter, a Facebook page, Tumblr etc, get it. Use hashtags to promote your work and don’t forget about retweet twitter feeds such as @FemaleBloggerRT, and @BBlogRT, to get free publicity to your blog. I might do more about using social media to gain views later but that covers the basics.

But most of all just write something interesting; good blogs don’t really need any fancy photos or editing equipment it is all to do with content. So stop reading this and how write something but most of all just enjoy it.