Makeup Revolution Sugar and Spice Blush Palette

So I recently bought the Makeup Revolution Sugar and Spice blush palette mainly because I have a grand total of two blushes and I think I need a few more.

I picked this one up for the range of shadows as there is a few brown shades, pink shades and peach shades. This one has a very versatile range of blushes that I feel would suit any skin tone.

So there is a mix of matte and shimmery shades as well as the two very glittery shades at the end.

The matte blushes apply really well and are very bendable and densely pigmented. I am so happy about this because finding a good matte formulation that blends is difficult and also has good pigmentation. I think my favourites of this palette are the matte shades as they are really natural looking.

The next are the shimmery, pearl shades. These have a slight shimmer to them but it does not over power when placed on the skin, it looks more like a natural glow rather than a glittery look. I love this type of blush during the summer as it means that it brings a look with dewy skin together.

The last type is that the very end the two very shimmery shades. The pink shade I like to use a tiny bit on the apples of my cheeks to bring a good glow to the skin the lighter highlighter however I find too glittery to use. You need to only apply a tiny bit of it and if you apply too much it looks like you have been glitter bombed. Use these two shades sparingly.

Overall I do really like this palette I think it would be great for those who want a good range of shades to use. They are long lasting and well pigmented; cannot flaw this product at all.
P1070684 P1070685 P1070686


5 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Sugar and Spice Blush Palette

    1. I thought the same that I would only use a few but I do use quite a lot of these. What I do love to do is to mix shades to create a new colour, I either do this on the brush or layer it on my cheeks. Just a little tip if you don’t use all the shades in a palette!

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