Top 5: Body Shop Products


So I love the Body Shop. I used the body shop for years and I know that it is a little expensive compared to other products but I think that it really is worth it.

I think it is a great for any and all skin types because in each range of products there are different types to suit what you like from a product. There are thongs for dry skin, ageing skin, combination or oily skin and in those ranges there is everything from deep cleansing to daily products.

I would recommend that you try them out especially if you have a specific skin complaint.

So as always a two honourable mentions that didn’t make the list.

So the first is the soap and this comes in all the different flavours and variety. I love this because it is lathers up really easily and is a very hard soap, sorry if I sound dumb saying that, but because of it being so hard it lasts a very long time. Compared to most soaps it is expensive as it is £2 per bar but it is worth it as it lasts a very long time.

The last honourable mention is the peppermint intensive foot rescue; this is very simply a very thick foot cream that smells like peppermint. First off the smell is amazing but also the thickness of the product means that it works really well on very dry skin. I especially love putting this on before bed and put a tick layer on then bed socks and the morning after you have completely smooth skin on your feet.

As always my top 5 in no particular order:


First, the shower gel. This one comes in all the different flavours and smells that the body shop does. I love this because it lathers up so easily you don’t need a lot of product at all. You can buy the large bottles online or in stores around sale time; I would recommend getting the one with the pump as you use far less and it will last you longer. I use about two pumps per wash and a entire 750ml bottle lasts me a year. Such great value for money.

Next we have the body scrubs, again available in all flavours, I love this one because it is a very dense scrub with corse exfoliation. I use this every three days or so because it exfoliates so well there is no need to do this every time you have a shower. This is not great value for money as it is expensive for the amount that you use, as it is very thick you do need to use a lot but it is really worth it.

The next thing is probably what the body shop is most famous for: their body butters. These are just amazing. I get very dry skin especially on my legs and this is so moisturising that it completely treats this after the first application. I cannot fault this at all.

Slight digression but my favourite flavours are the moringa smell and this is a very light floral smell, the strawberry flavour that smells just like fresh strawberries and, of course, the chocomania and this is a really rich chocolate smell. Digression over back to the top 5.

Next is the deep cleansing facial wash and this is another one of the Body Shops products that is really with it in terms of value for money. You need around a bean amount for your face per wash and this just deep cleanses your skin like you have spend the afternoon having a facial. The price is £9 per bottle and yes it is a lot but you will use very little. I would recommend only using this when you have very oily skin as it really purifies the face and also only use it twice a week maximum. This is by far the best facial wash for oily and spotty skin.

Finally we have my all time favourite makeup remover and that is the camomile oil makeup remover. This stuff is like magic it removes all makeup including water proof mascara from your face. I apply this by putting some in my hand and the applying to my face and gently massaging it in; I wash my face over with warm water and all makeup is gone. This is good for those who wear heavy makeup as it makes sure you have no panda eyes in the morning.

That is it for this Top 5 I hope that you have enjoyed this and I will have another Top 5 next week.


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