Silver Glitter Tipped Nails

So this is based off a look that I have seen everywhere on Pintrest. It uses a nude shade and glitter to tip the nails like a french manicure. I decided to colour the whole of the ring finger to keep it looking a bit more interesting also it really shows the beauty of the glitter.

P1070978I used all Ciaté shades and they were: Amazing Gracie for the base, Locket is the silver glitter and also the clear base coat just to set everything together.

Amazing Gracie has a really nice shade to it but I think this is too sheer for my tastes as I like a very strongly pigmented shade but if sheer is what you like then it is perfect.

Locket has a mix of fine glitter and large silver pieces; the mix of the two together makes a really cute glitter base.

The top coat is simply brilliant as it dries quickly and gives the nails a good shine. Also makes the glitter blend easier in to the nails.



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