Review: Gillette Venus & Olay Razor

A few things you need to know about me: I am very lazy and I have very sensitive skin. And it is because of those two things that I love this new razor from Gilette. It is so easy to use and makes my skin feel great after.P1070926

So why buy this razor over any other you may say, you may not say but let’s pretend that you did. First it has five blades that are very sharp and are very effective at doing their job. I have a lot of irritation due to shaving; I can get razor burns, bumps, very dry skin after, you name it I can get it from shaving and after a few weeks of using this razor I have had none of these issues. P1070925

So the razor is great, like any other Venus five blade razor can I just point out. I have tired other Venus razors and I do find that the five blade ones are the best to have.

So lets move on to the selling point as this has Olay moisturiser in it also a bar that lathers up. So the yellow top bar creates a very light lather. When I say light I really do mean it. If you want to use this for shaving under your arms as a touch up then it is great and this is why I love this as I can use it for touch ups without needing shaving cream. If you have a large area to do like your legs then you do need shaving cream; the pre-lather is not enough.

P1070924Second we have the Olay moisturiser bar that is the white part and this helps make your skin feel really smooth. I think because it is right after you have shaved the skin hasn’t had the time to become irritated as when you shave instantly there is moisturiser.

I will say about these bars that they do need to dry out fully. The pack that I have with one razor comes with a shower attachment. I would recommend that you put the razor attachment to your shower and leave you razor there. Because it has these bars if you just place it down on the side it will become really sticky and it won’t dry out like soap in a bowl full of water it becomes really sticky and you waste the product.

Over all I would say that this product is really worth it. It may seem really expensive at first but if you have sensitive skin then it is a real must to have.


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