Frozen Themed Birthday Cake

So for my 21st Birthday I decided to make a Frozen birthday cake. Because nothing says mature adult like a Disney themed cake!





So first the cake itself. You can use whatever cake mix you like either your own recipe or from a box mix I am using Ann Reardon’s sponge cake recipe and that can be found here:

This is a great sponge as it is very light and fluffy also it uses no butter; if you are vegetarian then replace the gelignite for veggie gel. My adaption to this recipe is adding 2tbsp of vanilla extract.

I used a 18 cm tin and a 16 cm tin to make the two tiers.

The shards are easy as well but you just have to make sure you pay attention when making this as sugar can burn, crystallise or turn a caramel colour quickly. You want to dissolve 200g sugar in 2tbsp of water. Once the sugar is dissolved wash down the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush.

Let the mixture boil rapidly, occasionally swilling around the pan, do not stir or put anything in the pan with the sugar mixture. Once the mixture is started to look golden and smells like caramel take it off the heat then stir in the blue food colouring. Pour the mix on to a tray with no stick backing paper and leave to cool. Smash in to pieces once completely cool.

When making caramel make sure not to touch it as it is over 100 degrees C and once you have finished put water in to the pan and heat it up as this will make cleaning easier.

Once cool, break in to shards and use royal icing to add some snow to the tips and the bottom. Royal icing takes around a 12 hours to dry so keep this in mind with any aspect that includes royal icing. I would decorate this the day before the event.

To make the buttercream you need double the amount of icing sugar to butter, I used 200g butter and 400g of icing sugar. Mix together with a little milk until you get the constancy that you are after.

Split each cake in half and add butter cream to each layer and cover the outside in a thin coat of icing as well, this is the crumb coat, place it in to the fridge for around so minutes and then add a second caot. At this stage keep the cakes separate as you will stack them once the icing is on.

I used 1kg of white fondant then coloured it with Sugarflair gel food colouring in ‘Ice Blue’ to make the frozen blue shade for the bottom of the cake; you can also use pre-coloured icing. You need to use gel food colouring as liquid food colouring will add too much liquid. Put about a 1/4 tsp to about 500g of fondant and kneed it until the colour is all the way through.

I covered both tiers in the blue fondant then added in the white snow on top. Simply cut out a wavy circle shape out of white fondant and then transfer that to the blue fondant making sure you use a little water to stick the two together. Around the edges use water to smooth the fondant down to the blue.

Stack the two cakes on top of each other using a little butter cream to stick the two together.

Use royal icing again to add on the dots around the join of the cake to neaten it up. place the shards in the top of the cake and add royal icing around the top to look like snow. Sprinkle white Lustre dust, I am using the shade Snowflake, all over the white area and the royal icing.


Finally add in Olaf, I bought mine as I found a cute mini Olaf. If you can’t find one you like and want to make your own then I found a helpful diagram of how to make one here: 

And that’s it you’re done!

Final note: I know a few of the ingredients like the sugar paste, food colouring or lustre dust is hard to find in some places, like where I am living at the moment, I have found this website: where I ordered a few things for this cake. It is a good price and very fast with delivery. Not sponsored to say that just thought it would be good knowledge to share.


List of original recipes that I have adapted:

The cake:

The buttercream:


Cake designs that inspired this cake:

Main aesthetics and overall look was taken from:

Ice shards design, not recipe, taken from:


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