Mint Playsuit

This look I am keeping very simple as to not distract the attention from the play suit. Wearing mint can be very difficult as it is a unusual colour to wear. I’m not sure why it is unusual as it is an amazing colour for anyone.

This Look is all about keeping focus on the mint colour. The jacket is lace as when worn the mint colour shows through the holes in the lace, the necklace is a statement piece but also metallic so will reflect the mint shades of the playsuit. And finally the shoes are simple as to not attract attention from the main piece.

Mint playsuit

List of pieces:

Top Shop, Petite Cut-Out Playsuit, £50.00:

New Look, Cream Lace Trim Kimono, £29.99:

Acessorize, 3D METALLIC FLOWER NECKLACE, £17.00:,acc_2.1/8824468100

Top Shop, Suede Platform Sandas, £49.00:


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