Top 5 Nail Varnishes


This is my top five nail vanishes. I have decided to do a general top five where I take a specific section of beauty or cosmetics and talk about them. Starting with my all time favourite thing… nail varnishes.

As always the list is in no particular order and to start two honourable mentions:

Essie’s ‘Tea and Crumpets’ this is a very light peachy pink shade. It is not overly pigmented and I kind of like that I use this mainly as shade when I don’t want any noticeable shade on my nails but I want them to look neat and clean.

The second honourable mention is Ciate’s ‘Locket’ shade. This is a very glittery shade it combines large silver shapes with very fine glitter and it is just amazing. It isn’t a glitter that makes your nails all bumpy because the glitter is really thick and it is just incredible. Not on my top five just because it is an over lay shade and not for every day.

Now for the top five:


So the first in the Barry M silk nail varnish. I love this one because it has a really interesting look on the nails. It is not a texture that is normal for a nail varnish. It is as the name implies a silk texture.

It is a shimmy shade without a gloss finish. This actually makes it dry really quickly because it is not a shiny finish. The texture of the varnish when applying is fairly thick but again I think this helps with the drying process.

The three shade I have in this type is Pearl, pictured, and that is a white, Heather, and that is a mid toned purple shade and finally Truffle and that is a taupe brown shade. All have the same multi-coloured shimmer to them so the colour is lifted from being a flat shade.


The Speedy Quick Dry formulation from Barry M is everything that you want in a nail varnish for those who don’t like to wait around for your nails to dry. This one is not as fast as the Avon Speed Dry that I will talk about further down but it is very fast to dry out.

What I love about this nail varnish is the bush and how the nail varnish itself is a very thin texture and I think that this helps with the application become a lot quicker.

The two shade I have are both a muted grey colours the first is the one pictured, Lap of Honour, and the other is of the same shade in blue called Eat my Dust.


The next is a colour that I have had for years, well not this pot exactly I have repurchased about three times. This is my number one go to colour I love the fact that it is a pink shade that doesn’t feel too girly.

The shade Grape of the Rimmel London Lycra Pro shade is my absolute favourite of the colours. I also have the shade Oyster Pink and this is good if you just want a wash of colour with a tiny bit of shimmer.

Do I really believe the whole 10 day wear part of the advertisement… not really as it does start to chip after a week or so but it does hold up a lot better than other nail varnishes that I have tried.

Maxfactor Glossfinity in the shade Angle Nails is one of the best nail varnishes that I use for the holiday season or for parties.

The shade itself is very sparkly however it is not have any glitter in it so it applies very smoothly. The shade itself is a purple silver colour with silver slitter running through out.

I love this shade because it really does go with everything. It can be worn every day and for nights out as it is a very sparkly beautiful shade. I love the formation of this nail varnish I want to try more of this range because it is a great formulation.


This is the quickest nail varnish I have ever used. 30 second is not a stupid ad campaign it really does tell the truth.

I have five of the shades but I am just going to talk about the two darkest shades that I have because I think that the colour pay off is so much better with the darker shades than the lighter ones. The light shades aren’t as pigmented as I like and leave a sheer colour on your nails.

The two I love the most are Smokey Plums, pictured, and that is a dark plum shade. The other is expresso mocha and that is such a dark brown it almost looks black on the nails. These shade are great because they are dark but also very glossy and they dry on 30 seconds. Well the first coat dries in 30 seconds leave the second coat for at least a minute.


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