Lush Haul August ’15

So I went on a little spending spree at Lush and decided to show you guys what I have got. Some of these things are new to me and others are repurchase but let’s just get started with this.


So the first thing I got was The Ultimate Shine shampoo bar and I have tired the Lullaby shampoo bar and I found that to be a little drying to my hair so I got this, mainly to prove to myself, that not all the lush shape bars made your hair dull.

This one has a very fresh and clean smell to it. I can’t really pick out any strong smells with it and I think I like that as it will give my hair shine without leaving behind any smells.P1080123

The next hair product is Roots and this is a hair treatment. I have already used this so I know what it is like and it is amazing. You massage it in to your scalp and it creates this amazing tingling sensation to your head.

The sent is amazing as it is mint and grapefruit this does linger on your hair for a while but I think I like the smell enough for that to not be an issue. It left my hair nourished and very shiny.


Next we have something I have never used before and this is Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner) massage bar. I got this because my skin is very dry at the moment and I really wanted something to help resolve that issue and shea and cocoa butter always work wonders to my skin.

This is simple to use as you just rub it in to your skin using hot water to activate it. Sorry for constantly talking about smells in this post but this smells just like chocolate. Cannot wait to try this.


The next two things are repurchase and the first is Sunnyside because it is just amazing and I don’t think anything can come close to Sunnyside. A quick update on what this is just incase you have been living under a cave, Sunnyside is a bubble bar that makes the bath look like liquid gold.

This one creates amazing bubbles and just makes the whole bath feel amazing and very luxurious.

Finally I have a product I haven’t used since I was about 16 and that is because my spots haven’t been this bad since I was 16. Cupcake facemark is designed to get rid of spots and reduce oil.

I love this because it really does help reduce spots and oil but in a very easy gentle way. I find with a lot of masks to do with spots they can be very strong and harsh on the skin but this one makes the spots go away but with out causing me to have even more sensitive skin.


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