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Cut Crease: Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1

So this is another look using the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette. This is a cut crease but more a subtle version as the cut isn’t too strong. I love the contrast between the crease and the lid how the lid is very light and shimmery but the crease is very dark.

To really get the most out of the amazing shimmer in this palette it is good to wet the eyeshadow and apply it really precisely. I used the lightest shimmery shade it looks almost white when it is on the lid  and the photos really don’t do this shade justice.

Make sure you check out my other Iconic Pro looks and tutorials 


Review: Lush Roots hair treatment

Roots is honestly the first lush hair product I have used I tend to stay to bath and skin products as I have never seen much use for hair products as I don’t do much to my hair. However I decided to pick this one up because I heard amazing things about it.

I am glad to report that it is worth the hype. So very simply it is a hair mask that you leave on for 15 to 20 minutes whist you massage it in to your hair and scalp; so it is hair treatment mixed with a head massage.

P1080123The idea that the combination of the massage of the scalp and the product is supposed to stimulate hair growth. The main ingredient to stimulate hair growth is mint and it is very mint heavy; I will say that this is one of the most strongly smelling products that Lush produces so keep that in mind when purchasing.

There is also a hint of citrus behind the mint to help balance out the smell. Other ingredients are olive oil to strengthen the hair, honey to smooth the hair and nettle to keep your hair nice and shiny.

So lets talk about application. Apply to dry hair and massage in to your scalp. I don’t know about anyone else but I had a odd tingling sensation when applying; it wasn’t unpleasant but it felt like the product was actually doing something.

Once it has been on your head for 20 (ish) minutes rinse and wash your hair normally. I love doing this when I need my hair to be super soft and shiny because I don’t even need conditioner to make my hair feel amazing. I rinse it off and may hair feels so fresh but not weighted down in any way.

I feel with a lot of hair products that are to nourish fine hair it just ends up making the hair really flat because you add in too much product. I don’t feel that this is the case with Roots; it feels nourished but not weighed down.

So this review has been really positive until this point. My main issue with Lush is the price; I love their products but as it stands I feel that I can’t use their products when I know there is a cheeper alternative. Eg. Using coconut oil as a hair makes; just as natural without the high price tag.

The 225g bottle is £10.25 and I, with the amount of hair I have, will probably get only 8 treatments out of that pot. So economically speaking I really don’t think this is worth it. I love the product but the pice tag that Lush is placing it as makes it not really worth it.

If you have that kind of money to throw around then I would really recommend Roots however if you are looking for a really nice hair treatment on a budget possibly try using coconut oil.


September 2015 Favourites


So it is the end of September and I am doing my favourites for the month. I will try to do this every month as it give s nice over view of the different products I have been using but also the styles that I am trying to achieve.

As you will notice there is a little bit of a dark purple theme and I love darker shades and especially purple in the winter so the second I can wear them I will.

So to start with the lip products both are a really amazing purple shade. The Revlon colour stay lip stain  in Parisian Passion; this one is very dark on the lips but can be blotted or applied thinly for a lighter colour. The second lipstick is again a Revlon shade and that is in Cherry Couture recently my lips have been very dry and this is a very moisturising shade with great pigmentation.

Moving on to eye products and I have been loving the Maxfactor False Last Effect Waterproof Mascara because I have been having very long days and it is great to have a mascara you can put on and not have to worry about it flaking or smudging throughout the day.

The next eye product is the Bourjois eyeliner in Purple Nights again a product that you can have on your eyes all day and not worry about it. I love having this as a very thick eyeliner as it is such an amazing colour to wear everyday. I love how it also has a little glitter mixed in so there is this subtile glitter in the eyeliner.

The two nail varnishes are a China Glaze and a Barry M shade. I love China Glaze Nail Polish in ‘Nice Caboose’ as it is such a dark shade but it really maintains that beautiful purple. The other polish I like when I had shorted nails at the start of the month and that is Barry M silk nail varnish in ‘Truffle’. This one is great when you want a shade that will go with everything.

The only face product I have this month is from Makeup Revolution and it is the Sugar and Spice Blush Palette and this has one of the best range of shades in a blush palette I have every seen. I will admit I haven’t been using the two very shimmery shade in the far right as that is more of a summer shades but I love all the colours. Pro tip: mix colours together to create a new shade.

The final thing is the Simple Micellar cleansing wipes. I love these for day to day use especially in the morning when I am running late… as always. I don’t really use them for taking makeup off but mostly for cleansing my skin.

That is it for this September favourites; let me know some of your favourite products this summer or link your own September favourites blog post or video in comments.



Sweater Weather Tag

So it is Autumn officially and the sweater weather tag has been flying around so I though this year I would do it. Some questions I have exceeded as they don’t apply to the UK but here it is:

1. Favorite candle scent?

I really love Lily Flame candles, they are from the UK and much nicer than Yankee Candles as they have a fresh non-artificial smell to them. I love the ‘Happy Birthday’ candle because it is orange citrus smell with a tiny hint of floral. I am not too keen on florals in AW so this is great for me.

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Coffee during the day; I have at least three cups a day (medium with one sugar, please). I love hot chocolate but it has to be made with milk not water and it has to be Cadbury or Wittards.

3. What’s the best Autumn memory you have?

When I was younger I lived in Cumbria and I always loved seeing the Lake District in Autumn colours. And it was always especially great as there were no tourists about!

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? 

I have never been very good at winged eyeliner so I would say dark lips. I love purple or dark red shades in the Autumn I love Mac red and Mac’ palmful. I wear lots of makeup in AW because it doesn’t just sweat off like in summer.

5. Best fragrance for fall?

I don’t wear perfume as I always forget to put it on, so I think it is wasted on me.

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food?

I like in England so skip this one.

7. What is autumn weather like where you live?

Rain, followed by more rain, followed by rain. Why, see question above.

8. Most worn sweater?

I have one from Dorothy Perkins that is very tick and cream. I love this one because it keeps me really warm and it goes with everything.

9. Must-have nail polish this fall?

I love dark nail varnishes so I would say my two all time favourites are the Rimmel 30 second polish in ‘Raw as Night’ which is a dark red, Barry M silk in ‘Truffle’ and this is a mid toned brown. This year I have fallen head over heals in love with China Glaze’s ‘Nice Caboose’ which is a very dark purple shade.

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Football games and I mean watching them live not playing. Also I mean actual football not American football.

11. Skinny jeans or leggings?

Leggings, I hate skinny jeans as I think they are too restrictive and I can’t move in them.

12. Combat boots or Uggs?

Combat boots, I don’t understand how people in England wear Ugg boots and not get their feet soaking wet.

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

If you are talking about pumpkin spice pie then yes. Pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks I personally don’t like I think they are really thick and it feels like I am drinking something the consistency of double cream. I do however love vanilla spice that comes out when pumpkin spice is over with.

4. Favorite Autumn TV show?

It’s not really a Autumn themed show but Doctor Who is always out during Autumn and I wait all year for it.

15. What song really gets you into the fall spirit?

Probably Gsldfrapp just anything Gsldfrapp related because she has a very distinct sound that really suits long nights. Although it is great for summer road trip music as well.

So that is that for the sweater weather tag, please continue the tag and link it below so I can have a look!

Blotting paper: what is it and how to use it

Blotting paper is a beauty secret everyone should know and here is why. I did a bit more research after this was filmed and found that Superdrug has an own brand version and Clean and Clear do a version but I could not find either of these when I went shopping the other day.

I also found that Shiseido do blotting paper and it is £18.50 per 100 sheet pack! What a rip off!

(Also slight housekeeping issue to mention I am now doing videos on Monday and Friday my new post-grad timetable means I am in Tuesday to Thursday all day and on Thursday I am out of the house at 7:30 and not back over 12 hours later at 8. So videos on Thursdays won’t happen but they will be on Fridays now.)

Top 5: Eyeshadow Palettes


Another top 5 for you today guys and this is on my favourite eyeshadow palettes. Palettes are great when you are just starting out with make up or you are not too sure what goes with what when it comes to colours.

Eyeshadow palettes are designed so you can use a variety of colours at once and they tend to have similar textures or styles depending on what palette so it makes creating eyeshadow look much easier.

So here are my top 5 eyeshadow palettes in no particular order (and sorry if some look well loved but they are my favourite):


The first is the Sleek Storm palette. I have had this one for years and I love it because it is so versatile. I have often compared this to the Urban Decay Naked Palette however this one has the thing the Naked 1 doesn’t have and that is a good jet black shade; and I feel black is essential for any look.

I love this to travel with because of it’s sleek (no pun intended) design and the colours are extremely pigmented. I love the high statin/ glitter finish on nearly all the eyeshadows and this just makes them so creamy and easy to blend. The three mattes are also very easy to blend.

I would recommend this as a palette for absolute beginners because it is £7.99 and very good quality so there is not much effort that needs to happen to get great results.


The next is the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette and if you know anything about makeup you know about this palette. I love the first palette as I think it is the most universal and the best for all year round looks. I like the other two however their colours are won’t suit everyone and the colours feel more seasonal.

The pigmentation of these eyeshadows are just amazing and you really need very little to make a look stunning. I like the versatility of this palette as you can use the shades for day and night looks. The warm golds combined with the cooler tones at the end makes this such a great colour combination.

For £35 this is a bit of a splurge piece but I think that it is really worth it. As long as you ignore the terrible packaging – like seriously what is with that tiny mirror.


Smashbox On the Rocks palette has one of the best variety in textures of a palette you could think of. There are mattes, satin, pearl and glitter finishes to the eyeshadows so if you love playing with texture as well as colour then this is great for you.

The colours are very dark so I would not classify this as a day or universal palette it is mainly for going out when you want a very heavy smokey look. The pigmentation is amazing and it is very easy to use and blend in to each colour. I will say the shades do look quite similar form far away when applied so don’t expect amazing colour destination but the textures always appear to be different.


The Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette is a full dupe (it is even marketed as a dupe) for the Lorac Pro palette. Now as price goes this is amazing this palette is £6.99 where as the Lorac is around £45. Big difference. Now I haven’t tried the Lorac palette but I can’t imagine that it could get any better than this one.

This one is perfect for all the time usage. The top row is all matte and the bottom is a satin finish so there is lots of choice in what to do with it. I love using this for either very subtile day looks or very striking night time looks.

Again like the Sleek Storm palette I would say that this is a great one for beginners as it is very easy to use and has a good range. It also comes with a double ended brush.


I know this is another Urban Decay palette but this one is amazing. This one is the Ammo palette and this has the most amazing range of shades. Trying to find a good multi-coloured or rainbow palette can leave you feeling over whelmed by the choice of colour. This however has the perfect range if you want to create some very sticking colourful looks.

I love the finishes of these eyeshadows as they are mostly satin finishes that look very glittery on the eyes, especially in day light. I love layering these different shades to make new combinations.

I ma not sure this one is still available in store however have a look on eBay as it is really worth it.

Modern Biker Chick

So this look is to create the classic bicker chick style with some more modern pieces. I incorporated a red skirt with the black jacket to add some colour to the look.

I really love the heels with this look as adding a pair of court shoes makes the look more classic. The platform and the hight however gives it a sexy edge to the entire look.

All the clothes that I used are from New Look and links to everything are at the bottom

Autumn red skirt square


List of Items:

Red Stud Belted Skater Skirt, £12.99:

Camel Ribbed Turtle Neck 1/2 Sleeve Top, £6.99:

Black Leather-Look Biker Jacket, £34.99:

Black Suede Ankle Strap Platform Heels,£29.99:

Black and Gold Swirl Necklace, £5.99:

Review: China Glaze Nail Polish in ‘Nice Caboose’

This is my first China Glaze nail varnish and the more I think about it the more I am confused about why I never tried them before. The range of colours is amazing and I have always heard nothing but good reviews about them.

P1080516So I decided to buy one and I wanted a great dark purple for Autumn/ winter that was more on the red side of purple than the blue side like I already have. So I thought that ‘Nice Caboose’ would be the perfect colour for this.

I am going to start with a kind of odd things about this varnish. The colour that appears in the jar is actually how it dries with two coats. I have so many polishes that look amazing in the jar but when they are on your nails they are too sheer or too dark when dry but this one is perfect and looks exactly the same in the bottle.

I hope this is the case with other China Glaze polishes as I get really annoyed when how it is in the bottle is not the same as the dried nail colour.

So the shade itself is a dark purple with a slight slitter of the same shade and a gloss finish. I was quite sceptical of the consistency of the polish when IP1080517 was trying it on for the first time as it is a little too runny for my liking as I prefer a thicker polish. However it applies really nicely despite being a little on the thin side.

The colour pay out is great I would say you could get away with only one coat but two is really better. Drying times is very quick, probably due to the thin consistency. I would say that it took about 10 minutes to dry 100% with two coats and about half an hour till I knew it wasn’t going to smudge or get ruined.

P1080524The application I had to get used to. The brush is very long and thin; the thinnest of the brush is really helpful for applying the product evenly and getting in to those little spaces however the length I found made me a little clumsy when applying in some places as I felt like I didn’t have a lot of control. Kind of like if you try to write with your hand half way up the pen. I did get used to it in the end but it was a little awkward to use at the start.

In terms of being chip resistant I got about four days wear with no chips at all and about a week until I decided to remove the polish. I didn’t use a top coat and I probably will next time I wear this as it might make it last longer. However with the drying times being so quick a little spot check of the nails isn’t going to take very long to do.

I will be purchasing more of China Glaze’s range as I am really happy with this one so leave a comment saying what I should get next.

How to Make a Fashion Collage

How to make those impressive photo collages that so many top fashion bloggers and magazines do. The turret is it is really simple to do.

Uses Photoshop 2015 CC but all aspects can be transferred to whatever photo editing software you are comfortable with.