Review: Maxfactor False Last Effect Waterproof Mascara

So I bought this product by accident I was meant to get the 24 hour lasting version of this mascara but I picked up this one instead. However I was happy to realise that the two products nearly do the exact same thing.

From when you put it on in the morning to sixteen hours later when you take the mascara off it looks exactly the same. No drooping, no flaking, nothing exactly the same. The rest of your makeup will fade but this mascara will keep going.P1080239

First lets talk about the wand; it has a comb that is made from a flexible plastic. This means that when you apply the mascara it goes on and separates the lashes as it combs through them as you apply the mascara.

I find that there is a good amount of product on the wand at the start so with that it doesn’t clump together.

The brush goes from very small and thin to long; the shortest bristles are amazing for the bottom lashes as they are small enough to coat them but not too big that there is an smudging. The smallest end is also great for creating volume as well as that is where there is a lot of product.

It is a wet formula but then will dry very quickly. I like the slightly wetter formulation as it means that you can have an even coat and the mascara will be applied from root to tip.

Mascara after around 8 hours of wear

Now lets talk about the removal of the mascara. I have already said that it lasts all day and is fully waterproof. Side note: I also wore this to my best friends wedding and if it can survive that ear fest then I can last anything.

However being so waterproof it is very difficult to remove with regular makeup remover. I have tired wipes, water based makeup remover but it won’t budge using that you need to use an oil based makeup remover.

The oil helps break down the mascara and it becomes very easy to remove. Don’t put the oil on to a cotton pad or anything just apply to your hands then rub it in until it is all removed. I also use coconut oil as an alternative if you can’t get your hands on oil based makeup remover.

So all in all; lasts all day, does not smudge or flake off, over all amazing but you need oil to remove it.


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