Review: MUA Pro Base Prime and Conceal


I have been quite sceptical about colour correcting; mainly because I am very pale and applying a yellow or a purple to my skin felt a tiny bit odd as it would be very noticeable.

Luckily however this palette from MUA has me sold on the idea of colour correcting. First off don’t be afraid of the shades of colours if you think they are too dark or too light for your skin tone. They won’t be this is a base for your make up not the entire thing itself you have to layer on your own base in the right skin tone after this.

So lets sort out why you are putting green, purple, yellow and orange to your face. Well you need to think of the colour wheel and place colours that are opposite to cancel out the colour.

So if you have redness you apply the green shade. For purple shades use the yellow. Yellow shades can be P1070500cancelled out with the purple colour and dark blue shades can be corrected with the orange shade.

The middle shade in this palette I mainly used as a highlighter or to mix in with the shades to tone them down a bit.

These shades are a very thin texture and blend out really easily. Being such a thin consistency you don’t have massive streaks of colour as it really blends in to your skin. Also because of the lightness of the product you really don’t need a lot of product. You can very easily add too much to your brush and this will make the product difficult to blend properly. A little bit at a time with this.


I personally prefer to apply this with a fluffy brush as you can really pin point conceal the areas that you need. If you go over the area without the skin colour issue then it will start to effect the other areas. Really neatly conceal the area and don’t go too over board.

Around my eyes I tend to layer the yellow on first to get rid of the purpleness and then the orange to cancel out the blue because I am using this on a larger area I will just use my finger.

I think that this palette is amazing especially because it is from a cheeper brand. I have really only seen this in high end places or at the top end of the drugstore makeup and it is really good to see cheeper brands doing this sort of thing. I really like the fact you can but the individual colours as well so I have already run out of the green so it is good that I can refill without buying a new palette. For the price, £4, it is a very good value of money product and I will defiantly be using it for a while.

Finally this is the video where I show a little more in-depth about colour correcting in general and how I use it in my make up routine:


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