Interview Outfit

Interview outfit

Today is a very simple post for a very simple outfit. So this is my interview outfit and I have worn this to every interview I have ever had since I bought the dress over four years ago.

So very simply a dark purple dress for Dorothy Perkins that is simple and conservative. I think with interviews it is better to go more formal than casual so a plain dress that is a dark colour, not black, works really well for most people.

I like that this is a flared dress instead of being a higher skirt as this feels more young as sometimes a pencil skirt dress can feel a tiny bit constricting and you want to feel a little comfortable when in an interview.

An simple pair of healed Mary Jane’s go with this. These are quite high but are very comfortable these are from Clarkes and have cushioned soles to make them more comfy. They are quite high around 3 and a half inches but this is because I am around five foot three and I need the extra hight.

My bag is large as it had to fit my CV and A4 portfolio and it was from Benition a few years ago. Again fist everything neatly and is a solid colour.


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