Masters, blogging and becoming a journalist… Update September 2015

So I have been keeping this quite for a while but I am starting my masters in magazine journalism this Monday. I did an undergraduate degree in journalism with creative writing and now I am starting a masters in magazine journalism.

For my lovely international viewers Undergrads in the UK are 3 years and Post-grads (what Americans would call Graduate) are a year long. So I will be studying for another year.

I am living with my mum at the moment as I have to pay for the post-grad myself instead of having a student loan so I have to work as well as doing my studies.

What I am basically saying is a pre-excuse for why content will not be as regular. I will still be making videos Monday and Thursday just blog posts in between might not be every day. I am also thinking about changing the my blog structure but I might keep it.

Also a huge thank you for all your comments and likes over the past few months it really has made blogging more enjoyable knowing that someone else likes what I am writing.

So that’s my life and in a years time I will be a fully qualified journalist with a MA in magazine journalism. Whoop. You can tell I am excited!

Talk to you guys later, kisses, Vicki.


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