Review: Lush Fresh face Mask in Cupcake

So my skin has been going a bit haywire at the moment. It has been dry and tight but also oily with a lot of spots and acne. So I needed something that will combat all issues at once.


When you have multiple problems there are two things you can do and that is target areas individually or have something that can combat all or most issues.  When you have oily skin and dry skin come products can make one area better but the other area much worse so if you really have combination skin then make sure you check the ingredients to make sure that nothing will react badly with the different areas of your skin.

This face mask is great for those with the true combination skin. As it has those oil and spot fighting ingredients but also has coco butter as well making it very hydrating as well.

The fresh face mask’s main selling point is that it is natural ingredients and it is made fresh this is its best asset and also at the same time its biggest flaw. So because it is fresh ingredients there is no real harsh chemicals in it – just natural ingredients. These fresh ingredients help your skin a lot. Too many chemicals can really effect your skin badly and cutting down on them is amazing.
However being fresh means it has to stay fresh. These face masks will at most last you a month and a tub is about 6-10 uses depending on how generous you are with the application. Such a short shelf life is one of the main reasons why I don’t buy them as regally because there is this pressure to use it up in a month.

The cupcake mask is designed for teenage oily skin. I think that is just a marketing ploy because anyone can use this. Probably because it smells like chocolate cupcakes is why it is targeted at teenagers. But when has cupcakes ever just been for teenagers?

The consistency of this when it is just out of the fridge, sorry forgot to mention that you have to keep it in the fridge, the texture is a little hard to work with as it is becomes quite solid however you can just warm it up in your fingers and that helps it apply more smoothly.

This mask although has not really helped with the appearance of my spots it defiantly has reduced the oils, it has hydrated my skin more and also made my skin feel very clean and deeply cleansed. If you are looking to get this as a miracle spot cure then you may be disappointed but it really does help the texture of your skin by removing oil and hydrating.

Cupcake in all in a great all rounder as a face mask and perfect for those who have very combination skin. And yes I am aware of how silly I look in that photo.


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