101 Beauty Blog Ideas

Here are 101 beauty blog or video ideas for anyone struggling to think of what to write about or who are in a bit of a beauty/ fashion blog funk:

  1. A review
  2. Comparison of two products
  3. First Impressions
  4. Roadtest a product over a period of time
  5. Haul
  6. Unboxing of a subscription service
  7. Outfit of the day
  8. Face of the day
  9. Hair of the day
  10. Nails of the day
  11. Look book
  12. Get ready with me
  13. Night time/ morning routine
  14. Go-to looks
  15. Fashion collage
  16. Do a photoshoot with a friend
  17. Wardrobe tour
  18. Capsule wardrobe for an occasion: work, holiday ect.
  19. Day to night outfit
  20. Current/ seasonal trends
  21. Costume for Halloween
  22. Cosplay ideas
  23. Recreation of historic makeup
  24. Makeup tutorial
  25. Nail tutorial
  26. Hair Tutorial
  27. Everyday makeup tutorial
  28. Going out makeup
  29. Beauty pet-peeves
  30. Skincare routine
  31. Spa cleanse routine
  32. Beauty wish list
  33. Splurge vs save on products
  34. Top 5
  35. Make up collection
  36. Makeup collection storage ideas
  37. Make up collection cleanse
  38. £20 ($20) makeup challenge
  39. Monthly favourites
  40. Products you have used up
  41. Disappointing products
  42. Products you can’t live without
  43. What’s in my handbag?
  44. What’s in your going out bag?
  45. What you pack for a holiday
  46. Daily hair routine
  47. Favourite hair products
  48. How to style your hair with hot tools
  49. An updo
  50. Room tour
  51. DIY décor ideas
  52. Seasonal décor projects
  53. DIY gift ideas
  54. Tag post/ video
  55. Challenge video
  56. Post/ video responce
  57. A rant
  58. Beauty hacks
  59. Hair hacks
  60. How to blog/ vlog
  61. Why you started to blog/ vlog
  62. Your blogging/ vlogging set up and equipment
  63. Your blogging/ vlogging process start to finish
  64. Beginners guide to blogging/ vlogging
  65. How to make thumbnails/ featured images
  66. Photography tips
  67. Social Media tips
  68. How to gain more views
  69. Celebrity inspired makeup look
  70. Celebrity inspired outfit
  71. Fictional character style appreciation
  72. Retrospect of a celebrities style
  73. Look ahead to next seasons trends
  74. Review of a beauty/ fashion related book
  75. Favourite beauty/ fashion related apps
  76. Favourite beauty/ fashion related magazines
  77. What’s on your phone?
  78. DIY accessories
  79. Overview of your jewellery collection
  80. How to customise/ upcycle products
  81. How to upcycle clothes
  82. How to sew an outfit from scratch
  83. Your favourite bloggers/ vloggers
  84. Your favourite Instagram accounts
  85. Collaboration with another blogger/ YouTuber
  86. International beauty swap with another blogger/ YouTuber
  87. Life update
  88. Write a detailed ‘About You’ page
  89. Weekly/ daily vlog
  90. Home organisation ideas/ hacks
  91. Plan with me/ how you organise your life
  92. School supplies/ stationary must haves
  93. School/ work lunch ideas
  94. Snack ideas
  95. Recipe tutorial
  96. Restaurant review
  97. Blog/ vlog everyday in a month on a topic
  98. Show your past makeup/ fashion style
  99. Host a Q and A
  100. A giveaway
  101. And when inspiration total fails you write a post called 101 beauty blog ideas…

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