September 2015 Favourites


So it is the end of September and I am doing my favourites for the month. I will try to do this every month as it give s nice over view of the different products I have been using but also the styles that I am trying to achieve.

As you will notice there is a little bit of a dark purple theme and I love darker shades and especially purple in the winter so the second I can wear them I will.

So to start with the lip products both are a really amazing purple shade. The Revlon colour stay lip stain  in Parisian Passion; this one is very dark on the lips but can be blotted or applied thinly for a lighter colour. The second lipstick is again a Revlon shade and that is in Cherry Couture recently my lips have been very dry and this is a very moisturising shade with great pigmentation.

Moving on to eye products and I have been loving the Maxfactor False Last Effect Waterproof Mascara because I have been having very long days and it is great to have a mascara you can put on and not have to worry about it flaking or smudging throughout the day.

The next eye product is the Bourjois eyeliner in Purple Nights again a product that you can have on your eyes all day and not worry about it. I love having this as a very thick eyeliner as it is such an amazing colour to wear everyday. I love how it also has a little glitter mixed in so there is this subtile glitter in the eyeliner.

The two nail varnishes are a China Glaze and a Barry M shade. I love China Glaze Nail Polish in ‘Nice Caboose’ as it is such a dark shade but it really maintains that beautiful purple. The other polish I like when I had shorted nails at the start of the month and that is Barry M silk nail varnish in ‘Truffle’. This one is great when you want a shade that will go with everything.

The only face product I have this month is from Makeup Revolution and it is the Sugar and Spice Blush Palette and this has one of the best range of shades in a blush palette I have every seen. I will admit I haven’t been using the two very shimmery shade in the far right as that is more of a summer shades but I love all the colours. Pro tip: mix colours together to create a new shade.

The final thing is the Simple Micellar cleansing wipes. I love these for day to day use especially in the morning when I am running late… as always. I don’t really use them for taking makeup off but mostly for cleansing my skin.

That is it for this September favourites; let me know some of your favourite products this summer or link your own September favourites blog post or video in comments.




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