Work Wear: Style up Purple Jeggings

So this is another one of my work wear looks. I love this one because it is very formal but edgy as well. The necklace and the shoes with the bead detail really gives this a whole new modern edge. I think that this could be made more formal with a smaller necklace and court shoes but I think that the look as it is works for a 20-something with an office job.

All the pieces are from Dorothy Perkins and can I just take a second to say how much I love their leggings. I have about three pairs in all different colours and they are just so easy to wear as they are soft and flexible but also look smart.

Work Wear purple Jeggings

List of clothes:

Vero Moda Nude Frill Front Blouse:

Merlot ‘Eden’ Ultra Soft Jeggings:

Petite Black Longline Jacket:

Head Over Heels Hestiar Jewel Ballerina:

Grey Flower Collar:


My Drugstore Beauty Holy Grail Products

Sot this is a video that was inspired by Fleur’s video that she posted a few weeks ago and this is my absolute favourite drugstore beauty products.

I might do this for skincare as well because this was really fun to do.

Let me know your fave drugstore products in comments I always love trying out new products.

Favourite Instagrammer: @lpbeautyblog

So I am now going to do a section on my favourite Instagrammers and bloggers and today I am featuring Leanne Page for her amazing Instagram and blog.

I started flowing Leanne about a month ago and I will say she is one of the most consistent with her content I have ever seen. It is a mix of beauty products and selfies all with very clean and pretty backgrounds that really help the product she is reviewing pop.

The Instagram is related to her blog and the blog is mainly to do with beauty product reviews and how to achieve looks using products as well as top 10 type reviews.

Her writing style is very chatty and informal and it makes you think she is really giving her real opinion.

But what I love about Leanne is that her Instagram is not just an extension of her blog it is that she takes the time to produce at least a photo a day or some times more of different beauty products and cosmetics.

I honestly think her work speaks for itself of how gorgeous it really is so please go check her out as her content is just beautiful. Also she has really helped me step up my Instagram game as everyday I see her amazing photos and I am just so jealous of her.

Quick bio: Leanne Page is a beauty blogger and instagrammer. She started her blog and Instagram in August 2015. She currently has 1,180 followers on Instagram.

A few examples of her amazing work:

Medieval Dress, Hair and Makeup

So continuing my trend in posting past videos for you guys. I give you one of my first costume videos a medieval dress and makeup look.

The dress is sold as Smiffy’s “Maid Marion Dress with Head Piece” and you can find it on Amazon or your local fancy dress shop. 

Maybelline Superstay 24 Color Roadtest

So I am doing one of my favourite videos for you today. So it is a first impressions and a roadtest of the Maybelline Superstay 24 hour colour lipstick. The shade is in 150 ‘delicious pink’.

Also sorry for being really absent the past week or so uni work has got on top of me a bit but I will try to keep to a post every other day from now on.

Soft Cut Crease Tutorial: Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1

This is the tutorial of a look I posted a few weeks ago.

It is a soft cut crease and is very wearable if you tone down the darkness of the crease. I find that perfect cut creases don’t suit my eyes very well but this is a good version for anyone not wanting to fully commit to a cut crease.

If you want to see the photos they are here:

Easy Button Cards

So a few days ago I decided to pay around with some buttons and some blank cards and see what I came up with. I think if you want to make these button cards yourself it is easier to get a bunch of buttons and just play around with them and see the combinations that come out of that there is no strict formula.

I got these blank cards and the black and white buttons from hobby craft and I got the green buttons from a local fabric shop. All of the buttons were stuck down with PVA.
Black and Minimal

A simple row of black buttons can really create a simple yet pretty card.
The plant pot

This uses very simple paint (as in a line and a trapezium) and then adding the buttons on in size order. I used water colour pencils so I just coloured the shape in and then added water even the colour out.
White heart

Now this is a cute one for someone special. Using the heart shaped buttons and creating a heart.

Creative criticism and not trolls

The Internet is full of haters and trolls and this post is not about them… well it is half about them but it is about general criticism and constructive criticism and not the ‘I hate you, you’re ugly’ comments.

Tolls are easy to spot and the rule is ignore them, block them or just be nice to them. Don’t reply back, don’t get in to arguments and most importantly don’t take that type of comment to heart at all.

So the first time that I really experienced comments and criticism on a post or video was my Elsa hair and dress tutorial from my YouTube channel. Now to start off with there were the typical ‘i hate you’ comments but there were a few that were genuinely constructive that I have taken in to account.

There was one girl who said the video didn’t have much information so I made a point that when I did voice overs and tutorials in the future to say what I was doing in detail and not just assume people know how to do something just because they are seeing me do it in the video.

However I know a lot of bloggers and bloggers who would just dismiss that comment as being from a hater and never think to change your blog/ vlog style in the future.

But let me remind you that the vast majority of content creators on the Internet have little or no professional training in writing or videography. How else are you meant to learn except by realising what you could have done better.

A lot have training in the field they are dealing with; be it baking or hair styling or nail art but very few have those skills with formal training in writing or film making. I am the opposite I have no beauty or fashion training but I am currently studying for a MA in magazine journalism so I am the rule but in reverse so to speak.

There are a lot of vloggers who I do see dismiss genuine constructive comments because they think that they are just trolls. They never see that their work can be better and their blog/ videos never get better because they think that they are perfect at what they are doing.

Even the best bloggers and blogger can approve in some way so I feel that we shouldn’t dismiss negative comments automatically and think someone is just being mean for the sake of it. Of course never take any of the real trolls to heart but we can all learn a lot with a tiny bit of creative criticism.

When I did my first give way at the start of this year I asked people to comment on the good and bad points about my YouTube channel and I can tell you I learnt a lot more about my videos and what my demographics wanted by doing that than anything else.

And guess what it was the negative comments that made me rethink my video styles and what I put on my channel. I was more aware of what my subscribers wanted as I asked them to be honest.

I would honestly recommend doing something like that when you ask your audience to be honest with you about the content you make.

So in that swing of things leave a comment about my blog and what you like, what you hate or just your opinions on this subject matter.

‘Frozen’ Elsa: Outfit, Makeup and DIY Hair Clips

So Halloween is nearly upon us and I thought I would take the Thursday slot for the next few weeks to showcase some of my costume outfits. Some will be DIY others will be cheep ways to make a costume.

Today I am showing you my Elsa videos I love these videos in the collection as it was the first videos of mine that really gained a lot of views and started making my YouTube channel the way it is now.

I will say straight off that the dress for the Elsa look is not a DIY and it was a dress my cousin gave me for my prom. It was hand made by a dress shop in Stafford, UK. Sorry this one is not a DIY but I am still working on a easy way to make this dress. The clips for the hair look is a DIY.