My Everyday Makeup Throughout the Years

One of the funny things about when you post your entire life online is you can look back and see what you were like a few years ago. And when you are a beauty blogger you can see what you makeup used to look like and what products you used to love.

Here is the basic retrospect of the past three and a half years:

April 2012 (my first everyday makeup):

January 2013 (aka revenge of the red lipstick):

February 2014 (dry skin edition):

September 2014 (finally knew what I was doing):

June 2015 (summer makeup with brushes):

September 2015 (oily and spot edition with colour correcting):

What I do love about this though is that as this is a type of video that covers all years I have been on YouTube it is interesting that how I act on camera changes and how much time and effort I now put in compared to what it used to be like.

So don’t ever think your videos have to be perfect when you start out as you can see I sucked at the start too!


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