Favourite Instagrammer: @lpbeautyblog

So I am now going to do a section on my favourite Instagrammers and bloggers and today I am featuring Leanne Page for her amazing Instagram and blog.

I started flowing Leanne about a month ago and I will say she is one of the most consistent with her content I have ever seen. It is a mix of beauty products and selfies all with very clean and pretty backgrounds that really help the product she is reviewing pop.

The Instagram is related to her blog and the blog is mainly to do with beauty product reviews and how to achieve looks using products as well as top 10 type reviews.

Her writing style is very chatty and informal and it makes you think she is really giving her real opinion.

But what I love about Leanne is that her Instagram is not just an extension of her blog it is that she takes the time to produce at least a photo a day or some times more of different beauty products and cosmetics.

I honestly think her work speaks for itself of how gorgeous it really is so please go check her out as her content is just beautiful. Also she has really helped me step up my Instagram game as everyday I see her amazing photos and I am just so jealous of her.

Quick bio: Leanne Page is a beauty blogger and instagrammer. She started her blog and Instagram in August 2015. She currently has 1,180 followers on Instagram.

A few examples of her amazing work:


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