The Best of 2015

My very favourite beauty, hair and skincare products of 2015. A lot of these products I have spoken about so check the other pages on my blog to find full reviews or tutorials for nearly everything.

Also tell me your ultimate products of 2015 so I can find new things to love in the new year.


Review: Makeup Revolution ‘Hot Smoked Palette’

So this actually was the first Makeup Revolution palette that I ever bought and I got it mainly because I needed something in my collection that had a good deep range of dark colours. I had a lot of dark browns for a neutral or dark smokey eye but nothing if I wanted to play with colour more.

And this one came along and caught my attention.

I will say that this is the best palette to start out if have never really done smokey eyes before as it has a fool proof range of colours. P1050646

What I look for in a smokey palette is the two extremes a deep black and a neural near skin tone colour to blend everything in. This one has exactly that. You need both to create a good look as the black adds intensity and can be used as a liner and the pale shade blends all the colours together on the outer part of the eye making it so soft and smokey.

What I love about this palette is the range of both matte and shimmery shades. The mattes help put a base of colour down and the shimmer shades add the intensity of the look.

The glitter shades are all the same type of texture making it very easy to blend in different shades together in one look and this means using multiple colours is easier as there isn’t a clash in texture. Purple Gold using Makeup Revolution 'Hot Smoked'

Let’s talk about a few bad points mainly the foam brush that the palette comes with. This is the worst way to apply these shades. The mattes are quite chalky and need to be applied with a brush and the shimmery shades are so creamy that the product does’t transfer when using a sponge.

I do hate it when compose come out with an amazing palette and you have to use brushes to be able to use the palette effectively. The new larger platte like the Iconic Pro do come Blue Green using Makeup Revolution 'Hot Smoked' with a brush not a foam applicator but this one should come with something like that.

As I have just stated that the texture of the matte and the shimmer are very different and this is something you have to keep in mind when applying the shades. Also don’t blend the matte very much it is better to add those with a light hand and a fluffy brush than be heavy handed and then blend out because the shade with blend out to nothing.

For all its minor flaw for a palette that costs £4 you cannot turn your nose up to it. Make sure you check out some of the looks and tutorials using this palette to have some inspiration on how to use it.

Products I have Used Up December 2015

Another haul of the products I have used up over the past month and a bit. This one is a bit of a huge one as I am starting my Spring clean early and I am trying to sort everything out.

Hope you guys like it.


My #2015BestNine on Instagram

So there is a little hashtag flying around Instagram today about your top nine Instagram posts. I have taken top as the most liked so these are the top posts of my Instagram.

So this is my top photos. Mainly beauty posts like nails of the day and and make looks combined with pancake photos.

It did make me look over my Instagram of this year and I have taken a turn from photos of general things to more centred around beauty and my blogging blog and YouTube.

Having your brand flow from one form of media to another helps with consistency and it is important to keep you Instagram in balance with everything else you do. I say this because it is a visual format and people see in to your life more than Twitter or Facebook posts.

I won’t recommend this for every blogger to make their Instagram and blog match up but having Instagram with more beauty content has made me think of my blog more and me as a brand more as I update the Instagram more than I would this blog or my YouTube.

So if you want to see more of my personal life or more beauty posts then head over to my Instagram. I am @vickiemilyevans (same as my Twitter handle)

The End of the Year Blogging Routine

This year I decided back in September that I was just going to carry on with my content as normal and totally ignore the holidays and events around the end of the year.

So starting with September there are all the back to school content, moving to Halloween and Fall/ Autumn posts, then to Thanksgiving and then to present buying, Christmas and then New Year and party looks.

There is this same routine that so many blogger and vloggers fall in to in this time of the year and I am not saying that this is a bad thing. I love seeing this content around the place however it can make a lot of blogs and channels very similar and you feel like you are watching or reading the same thing again and again.

And then the pattern repeats every year with the same type of content.

I know seasonal videos and posts are always really requested and it is something that is on a content creators mind due to the time of year so it is only logically to make these types of posts however seeing the same content over and over again makes me so disinterested.

It was like in Halloween there were a load of zombie tutorials and look but by the time you have watched two you don’t want to watch or read about four other people doing the same type of thing. Even if the four others after are amazing I lose interest and don’t enjoy them as much.

I just haven’t done any holiday themed posts this year because I just don’t want to fall in to that trap of churning out the same content every year and be so similar to everyone else.

I am not trying to point fingers at anyone in particular because there hasn’t been one blogger in particular that I can say has done this but there is an overall issue that is around this type of year.

I try to not post very similar things to the big name blogger and vloggers all year round. Even if I have something already scheduled and see that someone has posted the same things a day before mine is to go up I wait a week to post that and create something else instead.

There is nothing worse than people copying someone else and it is just as bad as people thinking you are copying someone else.

Being a blogger means that you decided on your own work so don’t let the time of year dictate what you produce. I used to think like that and made my blog like everyone else but what is good about being like everyone else? Be you on your blog and don’t ever feel that you have to follow the crowd.

Create content you want just because it is Christmas don’t feel like you have to post something Christmassy.

Very Pale Foundation Routine

Hard time finding the perfect foundation routine for very pale skin well here is the answer to all you worries.

Also as long as this video is my whole routine take about five minutes in the morning. And it is very versatile of any occasions and events.

Forgot to add as well, this works great with BB Creams and tinted moisturisers if foundation isn’t your thing

Oasis Purple Lace Party Outfit

So we are in the middle of the party season however not all the way out of it yet so today I give you a practical OOTD that uses all Oasis pieces.

Starting off with the dress as it has a simple cut to the dress with very little bling and the dress main pieces are in the lace pattern. I love the detail in the dress how even the seams are made to be a statement for the dress.

The cardigan is simple and has a waterfall effect and this counters the tight fitting nature of the dress. If this was to a party the cardigan will be taken off but you need something to throw on.

The rest of the accessories are very classic with a simple gold and silver clutch bag and heals. The necklace I would add if you want the outfit to be a little bit more fun however it would look great without any jewellery as well.

Oasis ootd

Items featured: (some currently on sale)






Top 5 Simple Products

My top 5 favourite Simple Skincare products. I love Simple because they are inexpensive, I have never had an issue with them in terms of making my skin issues (dry skin, oil, spots) worse and there is a great range of products to suit anyone’s routine.

Weekly Favourites – 20 December

This week my main concern is about my cousin’s wedding that was yesterday so my mind has been on that. So this is more what I wore for her wedding than a weekly favourites.

So to start off I used the Smashbox ‘On the Rocks’ platelet mainly because it is a great palette to travel with because it has a great mirror and is very compact. My dress was blue and it matched the dark blue in the platte perfectly.

Moving on to my nails I wanted a glittery look so I used Ciate shade in Cutie Pie and the glitter shade in Locket to create my nail look. I have already done a video of what they look like and you can see that on my YouTube.

So it is a wedding and my go to foundation is the L’Oréal Infallible 24 hour foundation as it lasts all day but it also photographs really well. Another product that lasts all day in the Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara and give a jet black look to your eyes.
faves 20 12

Midnight Blue Liner: Smashbox ‘On The Rocks’

So this is another look using the Smahbox ‘On the Rocks’ palette the main focus is on the blue liner that is just stunning. I made the liner a little thicker than I would because it is just a dark blue instead of a black; really adapt this look to the way you like to have your liner and make it fit your eye shape.

The lid shade is the light purple shade with the glitter and blended into that is a the dark purple shade with a tiny hint of the black shade. This is only to  create more definition on the eye and to hope give the eye more depth.

When doing a heavy winged eyeliner it is really important to balance out the eye with a shadow on the bottom. You can leave the bottom clean but that give a more of a 50’s vibe than a modern smokey look.

I also have done other looks using this Smashbox palette and you can find those here. 
P10000731 P1000030 P1000044 P1000061