New theme and new content

So I have been in a blogging rut partially because I have no time at the moment to dedicate myself in to spending on blogging but there are parts of blogging that for me was a lot of hard work.

I want this blog to be the best representation of my work as possible. I want and am training to be a journalist and I know one day there will be an editor looking at this blog.

I need to keep the quality of my content up as much as possible and I also need a change.

So I have revamped though a new design and layout I am now using Button layout that is free to use. And this one feels more user friendly.

The old one I had was Cerauno and although I liked how it looked formatting photos to fit the way the headers or featured image was too much like hard work some times and I would simply not post due to not wanting to spend half an hour editing on photoshop.

I will be keeping content roughly the same however new things may be added along the way like I want to start posting more personal vlogs or topical pieces to this blog and I also want to brach out from just fashion and beauty and go more into the realms of general lifestyle.

I also want to share with you my blogging experience and have blogging 101 posts.

I have so many ideas about changing and most of all improving this blog to be the best that it can be. I will be posting a new content schedule of different things soon when I have fully decided what to do.

Let me know what you think and just so you know my term (semester) finishes a week on Thursday so when this year is over I can be back to blogging.

Hugs – Vicki


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