Weekly Favourites – 15 December

So there is a very legitimate reason I have disappeared over the past few weeks both over this blog and YouTube however if you follow me on Instagram you already know why. I live in Lancaster in the north of England and we and the rest of the North West have been battered by storms the past week.

So I was out of power for around 2 days, I had gas fires and stoves so I didn’t suffer to bad, but lack of phone signal and power means my promise to blog more flew out of the window.

So this is my favourites of last week as now my life is returning to normal.

Starting off with coconut oil. I have very intention of doing the longest post in history about the million uses for coconut oil but I have been using this mainly as a make up remover and moisturiser. I like the Superdrug version, it is not raw but it is going on your face and you aren’t eating it so it is okay.

Next is the Rimmel London BB Cream and this is great for the days want a light coverage and not even bother to put a moisturiser or primer on. It gives a great glow to the skin and is very long wearing. Then I have the Revlon lipstick in Rose; this has a waxy texture that makes it great as a dual use product.

And lastly there is small range of these photoed but I have got the Ciate London Advent calendar that gives a small pot of nail varnish every day. I will do a full review of all the shades I have later but these are a select few of my favourites.


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