Midnight Blue Liner: Smashbox ‘On The Rocks’

So this is another look using the Smahbox ‘On the Rocks’ palette the main focus is on the blue liner that is just stunning. I made the liner a little thicker than I would because it is just a dark blue instead of a black; really adapt this look to the way you like to have your liner and make it fit your eye shape.

The lid shade is the light purple shade with the glitter and blended into that is a the dark purple shade with a tiny hint of the black shade. This is only to  create more definition on the eye and to hope give the eye more depth.

When doing a heavy winged eyeliner it is really important to balance out the eye with a shadow on the bottom. You can leave the bottom clean but that give a more of a 50’s vibe than a modern smokey look.

I also have done other looks using this Smashbox palette and you can find those here. 
P10000731 P1000030 P1000044 P1000061


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