Oasis Purple Lace Party Outfit

So we are in the middle of the party season however not all the way out of it yet so today I give you a practical OOTD that uses all Oasis pieces.

Starting off with the dress as it has a simple cut to the dress with very little bling and the dress main pieces are in the lace pattern. I love the detail in the dress how even the seams are made to be a statement for the dress.

The cardigan is simple and has a waterfall effect and this counters the tight fitting nature of the dress. If this was to a party the cardigan will be taken off but you need something to throw on.

The rest of the accessories are very classic with a simple gold and silver clutch bag and heals. The necklace I would add if you want the outfit to be a little bit more fun however it would look great without any jewellery as well.

Oasis ootd

Items featured: (some currently on sale)

PIPED LACE DRESS, £50: http://www.oasis-stores.com/piped-lace-dress/dresses/oasis/fcp-product/5538044

CHIFFON TRIM CARDI, £28.99: http://www.oasis-stores.com/chiffon-trim-cardi/cardigans-&-jumpers/oasis/fcp-product/3120009601

ROUND PAVE COLLAR, £16: http://www.oasis-stores.com/round-pave-collar/jewellery/oasis/fcp-product/5722701

LILY LACE TIE FRONT SHOE, £40: http://www.oasis-stores.com/lily-lace-tie-front-shoe/footwear/oasis/fcp-product/5526101

CLARISSA BOBBLE CLUTCH, £16: http://www.oasis-stores.com/clarissa-bobble-clutch/bags/oasis/fcp-product/5485754


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