The End of the Year Blogging Routine

This year I decided back in September that I was just going to carry on with my content as normal and totally ignore the holidays and events around the end of the year.

So starting with September there are all the back to school content, moving to Halloween and Fall/ Autumn posts, then to Thanksgiving and then to present buying, Christmas and then New Year and party looks.

There is this same routine that so many blogger and vloggers fall in to in this time of the year and I am not saying that this is a bad thing. I love seeing this content around the place however it can make a lot of blogs and channels very similar and you feel like you are watching or reading the same thing again and again.

And then the pattern repeats every year with the same type of content.

I know seasonal videos and posts are always really requested and it is something that is on a content creators mind due to the time of year so it is only logically to make these types of posts however seeing the same content over and over again makes me so disinterested.

It was like in Halloween there were a load of zombie tutorials and look but by the time you have watched two you don’t want to watch or read about four other people doing the same type of thing. Even if the four others after are amazing I lose interest and don’t enjoy them as much.

I just haven’t done any holiday themed posts this year because I just don’t want to fall in to that trap of churning out the same content every year and be so similar to everyone else.

I am not trying to point fingers at anyone in particular because there hasn’t been one blogger in particular that I can say has done this but there is an overall issue that is around this type of year.

I try to not post very similar things to the big name blogger and vloggers all year round. Even if I have something already scheduled and see that someone has posted the same things a day before mine is to go up I wait a week to post that and create something else instead.

There is nothing worse than people copying someone else and it is just as bad as people thinking you are copying someone else.

Being a blogger means that you decided on your own work so don’t let the time of year dictate what you produce. I used to think like that and made my blog like everyone else but what is good about being like everyone else? Be you on your blog and don’t ever feel that you have to follow the crowd.

Create content you want just because it is Christmas don’t feel like you have to post something Christmassy.


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