My #2015BestNine on Instagram

So there is a little hashtag flying around Instagram today about your top nine Instagram posts. I have taken top as the most liked so these are the top posts of my Instagram.

So this is my top photos. Mainly beauty posts like nails of the day and and make looks combined with pancake photos.

It did make me look over my Instagram of this year and I have taken a turn from photos of general things to more centred around beauty and my blogging blog and YouTube.

Having your brand flow from one form of media to another helps with consistency and it is important to keep you Instagram in balance with everything else you do. I say this because it is a visual format and people see in to your life more than Twitter or Facebook posts.

I won’t recommend this for every blogger to make their Instagram and blog match up but having Instagram with more beauty content has made me think of my blog more and me as a brand more as I update the Instagram more than I would this blog or my YouTube.

So if you want to see more of my personal life or more beauty posts then head over to my Instagram. I am @vickiemilyevans (same as my Twitter handle)


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