Review: Makeup Revolution ‘Hot Smoked Palette’

So this actually was the first Makeup Revolution palette that I ever bought and I got it mainly because I needed something in my collection that had a good deep range of dark colours. I had a lot of dark browns for a neutral or dark smokey eye but nothing if I wanted to play with colour more.

And this one came along and caught my attention.

I will say that this is the best palette to start out if have never really done smokey eyes before as it has a fool proof range of colours. P1050646

What I look for in a smokey palette is the two extremes a deep black and a neural near skin tone colour to blend everything in. This one has exactly that. You need both to create a good look as the black adds intensity and can be used as a liner and the pale shade blends all the colours together on the outer part of the eye making it so soft and smokey.

What I love about this palette is the range of both matte and shimmery shades. The mattes help put a base of colour down and the shimmer shades add the intensity of the look.

The glitter shades are all the same type of texture making it very easy to blend in different shades together in one look and this means using multiple colours is easier as there isn’t a clash in texture. Purple Gold using Makeup Revolution 'Hot Smoked'

Let’s talk about a few bad points mainly the foam brush that the palette comes with. This is the worst way to apply these shades. The mattes are quite chalky and need to be applied with a brush and the shimmery shades are so creamy that the product does’t transfer when using a sponge.

I do hate it when compose come out with an amazing palette and you have to use brushes to be able to use the palette effectively. The new larger platte like the Iconic Pro do come Blue Green using Makeup Revolution 'Hot Smoked' with a brush not a foam applicator but this one should come with something like that.

As I have just stated that the texture of the matte and the shimmer are very different and this is something you have to keep in mind when applying the shades. Also don’t blend the matte very much it is better to add those with a light hand and a fluffy brush than be heavy handed and then blend out because the shade with blend out to nothing.

For all its minor flaw for a palette that costs £4 you cannot turn your nose up to it. Make sure you check out some of the looks and tutorials using this palette to have some inspiration on how to use it.


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