Bloggers, Don’t quit your day job

I was in WH Smith yesterday and I found a book called ‘Vlog It’ in it was real life stories of vloggers who have got big and tips on how you can do the same.

I was curious because despite the waves of YouTuber and Blogger books coming out; a book about blogging or vlogging I had never seen before.

So I had a quick browse and then promptly put it down and then hid the four copies in the store away from sight.

Why? Because of the page entitled ‘Do give up the day job.’

IMG_1710This is something that I cannot stress enough when talking about being big on YouTube or big on the blogging community; is that numbers doesn’t mean money.

I was on YouTube for example for two years before anything of mine went over the 1,000 views mark. My total views for 2012 and 2013 on YouTube were around 6,000; two years and 6,000 views. Four years after posting my first video I have 1,300 subscribers.

People have this assumption that being famous or making a living on the Internet is easy. It is far from easy.

What I am saying in the most basic terms is don’t quit your day job. Most YouTubers have to support themselves through other means the difference is we don’t see 100% of their lives so we don’t know.

Some write for bigger companies and have freelancing jobs others work as consultants to companies about online media. Others sell merchandise or their own books and most can only do the latter once they have a large community.

Those with thousand of followers can live happily without any other means but for the majority you need that income. If not even for your own piece of mind as you have income coming in constantly.

This ‘Vlog It’ book was clearly marketed to the young teenage audience and this attitude that you can sit in front of a camera or type a few hundred words a day and you have a job is so wrong.

IMG_1709I agree with what it says about using your spare time to do things productively and to create new things. But for creators this is not something we have to force ourselves to do very often we do it because we see making things as our down time.

I am writing this blog post rather than watching TV or playing video games; I build this blog and my YouTube in my spare time.

I love writing and producing content that I wanted to build a career out of it and because of that I am currently studying journalism so I can do this professionally.

The book ‘Vlog it’ is marketed at the young audience who don’t realise the amount of time and effort that goes in to making a community. Saying I want a career in YouTube or blogging is not something that you can do easily. And it is not always fair.

I see average video makers and writers become big. And I also see amazing content with less than 1,000 followers or subscribers who, in terms of content, deserve the views and ‘fame’ more because their content is better.

But this is not a fair industry. Even with doing everything right, promoting on social media, interacting with your audience, making quality content, being constant about content and when it is published, is not enough to be able to have a career as a professional blogger or YouTuber.

Unfortunately it is down to luck but also having the balls to persevere when your stats are small, like mine was until 2014, and focus on making content not becoming a famous blogger.


Cat-eye: Modern twist on the classic

The cat eye is a classic however it can look really old fashioned; the straight lines can feel very harsh so blending out on the bottom edge makes the look more soft and modern.

Mixing up the classic 50’s look of matte eyeshadow and using glitter or shimmery shades can take the look in to the 21st century. I was using the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette mainly the light grey shimmery shade on the lid then a mix of the purple shades, both matte and glitter, in the crease.

I wanted there to be more definition on eye shape and concentrate the shading in the crease not the outer corner. Keeping the smokey effect away from the wing area really helps highlight this section.

I made sure to add a mix of black and the dark purples on the lower lash line to balance out the look. I also blended out the bottom of the wing; I didn’t want the wing to be blended out completely but I wanted it to be more soft.

Finish the look off with brow gel and mascara and then you are done.

P1000569 P1000565 P1000541 P1000535 P1000538 P1000577 P1000578

Products I have Used Up January 2016

Once again this is the products I have used up in the past month. So this a haul of haircare and makeup this month.

The lipstick that I am wearing is Revlon Coloustay in Parisian Passion. It doesn’t look as dark in real life but it is very noticeably dark on the video.

Blogging, YouTube and the matter of copyright

I was recently informed by a few of my viewers on YouTube that a video of mine had been uploaded on to another person’s site. The video was the one of me donating my hair.

This person had added in a few extra pieces and cut the video slightly however the video was basically mine.

Under UK law, not sure about the rest of the world, that video is copyrighted to me. I was in it, I filmed it and edited it. I own that copyright. Even when I put that video on YouTube I still hold the rights to it.

YouTube has the duty of removing videos that are copies and will remove a video if proved that it infringes on copyright.

I did contact this person who stole my video and he did delete it. He did try to claim that he could use my work, as it was a reaction video, but it does not work like that.

Just so everyone knows a UK resident is covered under the Copyright, Design and Patients Act 1988 Section one (sub-section 1 for written and sub-section 2 for video and audio files.)

If you want to scare people in to removing your content from people’s site then quote this to them and say you will sue. Works like a charm.

I am all for people using my work as long as people don’t upload directly to their own site and claim that it is their work. Using a section or a small clip I am not too bothered about as long as they credit me.

A person embedding my content is a way to gain views and support as long as it is clear that my work.

We treat blogging and online content made by an amateur as different to how you would treat a professional piece of work by a magazine or newspaper site. But the law covers all content creators not just professionals.

You wouldn’t download and then re-upload a piece by the Times without crediting then why should people feel that it is okay to do the same to my work.

The problem with bloggers and YouTubers is that they are not fully aware of the laws that are in place. Professionals have to be trained and will be held accountable for their actions by their employers.

There is terms when uploading but who really reads that. YouTube might turn up on my door one day and demand the deeds to my house as I singed in agreement to their terms and condition. But who has the time to do legal reading?

I don’t know the solution for things like this but the main thing is to make sure that you know your right and keep a check on your content.

I didn’t notice the guy uploading my video until over a month and in that time he gained over a quarter of a million views – views that should have been to my site not his.

Can you tell I am still a bit angry about all this?

Any who just remember that you content is your own and you have a right to it and who publishes it elsewhere.

Apple, Strawberry and Lemon juice

A great juice for the morning as it is very refreshing and so quick to make. You can also do this with apple juice from a carton but it tastes so much better fresh.

Also you can leave out straining it and have little chucks in it.


How to Combat Winter Face

Winter is never a great time for skin care and my face in general. So here are some of my top tips on how to make your skin look amazing during the season that wants you to look bad.

Also I missed out blush because personally I go very red in cold weather and applying that with extra bush is not good for me. If you want to add in some blush; deep rose shades or colours near a brown work very well.

The arbitrary and sappy 1,000 subscribers post

Let me journey back 21 days ago when I had 680 subscribers and I set a goal of gaining 1000 subscribers within a year. I thought that this goal was achievable yet would mean I would need to put in a lot of work to make it happen.

So lets move back in to the present and tell you my subscriber count now reads: 1,300!

What the FUCK!?

How on Earth or any other planet did that happen!

Well I do know how this happened as the video of me cutting my own hair off has somehow has 250,000 views. How that video suddenly gained so many views confuses me even more.

So I have reached one of my goals for 2016 and it isn’t even February this means that my goal posts need to change and I need to come up with another number to work towards.

5,000 feel a good finish the year with?

That number is insane but making goals would not feel easy that should be a challenge. Any goal in life should. I have often tried to push myself to do the best that I can. I have often just fallen on my arse when doing this but I would m0re rather say that I have tried and failed than never did in the first place.

I have been making videos on YouTube for 4 years and I have learnt more about myself and about the media industry in that time than I ever thought possible. I went from basic editing and harsh jump cuts to a smoother video and a lot more confident attitude when filming.

So that is all, thank you to all who subscribe and I now hope to not let 1,300 people down and produce good content.

-hugs Vicki

Bright Purple using MAC Stars and Rockets

So this is a look that I made the other day using MAC ‘Stars and Rockets’ eyeshadow. This shade is amazing with the way that is changes the shade and tone depending on what base you apply it too.

So this uses a Maybelline colour tattoo in purple to create a good base for the shade to make the purple very pigmented. On the outside of the lid there is the light purple pink that is shown on skin when the MAC shade is put on bare skin.

Then moving to the lash line and eyeliner the shade becomes dark and has an almost blue tint to it. To finish this look off I used the Urban Decay shade ‘Polyester Bride’ from the Ammo palette down the very centre of the eye and this creates a great round shape to the eye.

This is a great way of changing the shape of the eye without relying on smokey dark shades. Highlight instead of contour.

P1000446 P1000444 P1000442 P1000443 P1000438

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Roadtest

One of my favourite types of review where I road test a product over a day to see how it really stands up.

This week it is Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I will have a review of the mascara up later on my blog when I have used it for a little longer.

Ice Blue Nails

Perfect for winter with the light blue shade and sparkly glitter all over the nails.

I will be doing more Ciate nail looks in the next few weeks after having the nail advent calendar throughout December so now I have a lot more shades to play with.

Ciate shades:
Ahoy Sailor
Snow Globe
Nail Topper in Chalet Chic

P1000327 P1000328 P1000322 P1000314 P1000308 P1000304 P1000301