Year Overview and Blogging Goals and Resolutions

So this year has been very productive for me on this blog and my YouTube channel. I have got over the shock of having people actually comment and view my work.

So in terms of number of content pieces I have posted 158 blog posts on this blog and made 62 videos. Had 1,889 views on this blog which makes no sense as I also have 1,317 likes and 64 comments.

On my YouTube I have gained 353 subscribers, had over 138,700 views and 895 likes with 201 comments. Not bad stats as it brings me up to over 310,000 views and over 650 subscribers.

I am going to start with the more quantifiable goals so these are the stats that I want to see next year:

1,000 subscribers on my YouTube

300 followers on this blog

200 followers on Instagram

In terms of Twitter I am not really too fussed about followers but I will be focusing on impressions and have a total of 20k impressions a month.

Upload a video twice a week and upload at least two blog posts a week (video posts do not count towards the blog total)

So those are the random stat related resolutions and I am doing this to give myself a quantifiable goal as the others aren’t as concrete. I prefer to have some goals that are both flexible and rigid as it makes me not feel as confined.

But what I am really going to be forcing on is quality content and producing things I am proud of on this blog and my YouTube.

Creating good content is the first step towards gaining a deicated following. Make something original and that you can be proud of and people will come flocking to you.

So the stat goals are simply there to see if I have archived what I set out to do. Also I won’t post because I have to but because I want to and only posts things I genuinely like.

I am my worst critic so if it gets past my standards then I am happy.

Also I would love to collaborate more either with companies or other creators so if this would be something you would like to do with me then let me know.

I also want to read more blogs and not just about my area of blogging. Blogs are a great tool to finding out more about the world so I am going to keep reading lots more blog.

Hope your holiday period was good and let me know your blogging resolutions.


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