Stats, Review and the #BloggingBreakthrough Challenge Day 1

Holly Sutton’ blog A Branch of Holly I could rave about all day long. It is basically a blog for bloggers and the blogging world. If you want to have insights in to building a brand and how to change your blog for the better then this is the perfect blog for you.

For the next 28 days Holly is running her Blogger Breakthrough challenge as a way of  starting this year with a boost for your blog.

With any challenge it is important to see the reason behind why you want to do this for yourself. For me this will give me a chance to look at my blog more critically but also keep me posting a lot over January.

The first day is about reflection and stats. Reflecting back on your past year and having a go at keeping track of your stats more carefully in 2016. Holly has also made a great Google Doc spreadsheet which I would use however I am so nerdy I have one of my own already.

I already said in my last post about my own goals that I am happy with how my blog is now and I feel that the goals that I have given myself are achievable.

Looking at stats has never been a huge priority for me on this blog mainly because on WordPress they are always wrong when it comes to views. Yeah how do I have only 6 views and 25 likes a day?

WordPresses stupid way of calculating page views aside I feel that stats are so important as it can show you what your readers want to see from your content. That is not to mean that you should taylor your content to fit your every readers whims but this should always be a point of reference.

One very good section of today’s challenge post is about content and about continuity. I have branched out a little and made this blog about more than beauty like it was when I started. I wanted it to be more like a lifestyle type blog with a lot of different sections to it. But has this made my blog better or has it made it lose focus?

Whichever it is I still haven’t decided. I feel that my YouTube feels more focused but perhaps this blog needs to be sharpened down a little further.

I think that there is such a freedom with blogging it can make the blog as a whole feel very broad but maybe that is the perfect thing about blogging that you can write, film and photograph anything and post it for all to see.

I will be continuing with the challenge that Holly sets each day some I may not post here about but I might Tweet or Instagram about them. Also to see others in the challenge follow the hashtag #BloggingBreakthrough to see all the posts.

And now stop reading this post and go to Holly’s blog and enjoy her near perfect content. Also her Instagram is like inspirational photo porn.


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