How to achieve a goal! #BloggingBreakthrough Challenge Day 3

Today’s challenge by Holly is too genius not to share with you guys it also will give you a little insight on how I plan on growing my audience and blog in general.

If you haven’t already seen Holly’s blog and her Blogger Breakthrough challenge then see this here. And also read my previous post on the challenge. 

So this post is about setting yourself a target then splitting that target in to three objectives and then splitting that into five small tasks or goals.

So lets start with the big one that everyone wants help on: how to grow your audience.

Target is: grow audience on this blog.

Three sub-objectives:

  1. Create quality content
  2. Use social media more to promote blog
  3. Interact with audience more

And the five action steps or small targets are:

Number One: Create quality content

  1. Spend at least 30 minutes on blog a day
  2. Look more critically at work that I produce
  3. Don’t post for the sake of it. Only post what I am proud of
  4. Edit photos more
  5. Look back on past posts to proof read and review

Number Two: Use social media more to promote blog

  1. Look at analytics to see peek times for social media
  2. Use Tweetdeck to post tweets automatically at those peek times
  3. Use Instagram to promote the blog post on day of publishing
  4. Organise Pintrest board to suit blog content
  5. Use IfThisThenThat so fully streamline social media.

Number Three: Interact with audience more

  1. Reply to every message, comment or Tweet within 2 days of receiving it
  2. Run a survey
  3. Ask more direct questions to readers
  4. Look at audience’s blog and help promote theirs too
  5. Have a few more update posts as to feel like an actual human

So those are my little goals and daily targets in place for my blog to help grow my blog. Let me know if there is anything else you think I should be doing to help expend my blog and please go check Holly’s blog out if you haven’t already.


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