Pastel Smokey Eye

We all have those palettes with the pastel colours that we never use. Either because we know we can’t get away with them because we are too old or it is the wrong season to be wearing blue and purple eyeshadow.

This is a way to keep using those light, bright pastel shades all year round and creates a classic look that is so easy anyone can do it.

So it starts with a black base. I use a eyeliner or you could use a cream eyeshadow, whichever you have or prefer. So slap that on the lid, really work it in to the lash line to make sure there is no gaps, between the lashes and the lid makeup. Also work the eyeliner on the bottom lash line as well as the tight line and water line.

Blend this all out to suit your eye shape. Keep the edges soft add some light brown or translucent powder to help bend out if you are struggling with this.

Then add the colours of your choice. I used the Urban Decay Ammo Palette and the shades: Grifter and and Shattered. Very simply apply the chosen colours to the lid and to the bottom. Two complementary shades work really well also very shimmery shades look better than mattes.

Add a little black in to the crease to help the eye liner from creasing. I didn’t do this for the photos and you can see the look is already creating in the bottom photo so make sure you do something to set the eyeliner.

You could add a flick eyeliner with liquid liner however I decided to leave it as is because I had the tight lining and both that and liquid liner makes my eyes look really small.

But the best thing to do is to just have fun with it and taylor this look to what products you have and your own style.



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