Bright Purple using MAC Stars and Rockets

So this is a look that I made the other day using MAC ‘Stars and Rockets’ eyeshadow. This shade is amazing with the way that is changes the shade and tone depending on what base you apply it too.

So this uses a Maybelline colour tattoo in purple to create a good base for the shade to make the purple very pigmented. On the outside of the lid there is the light purple pink that is shown on skin when the MAC shade is put on bare skin.

Then moving to the lash line and eyeliner the shade becomes dark and has an almost blue tint to it. To finish this look off I used the Urban Decay shade ‘Polyester Bride’ from the Ammo palette down the very centre of the eye and this creates a great round shape to the eye.

This is a great way of changing the shape of the eye without relying on smokey dark shades. Highlight instead of contour.

P1000446 P1000444 P1000442 P1000443 P1000438


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