Majique Jewellery Haul

So the lovely people at Majique have gifted me a few items to try out and here is the in-depth review of all these items.

I will be doing a look book or ootd in the next few weeks as well but I was really excited to share with you these pieces I had to do an unboxing.

10% off promo code: EBAY-MAJIQUE-OCEANICEJEWELLERS on their eBay site when you reach the checkout.


Supergirl Outfit DIY

So I have been loving the new Supergirl TV remake as it shows Supergirl as a strong heroine but also a normal woman in the 21st century. Yeah she can be crazy strong but she is also vulnerable and is more human than she was portrayed in the comic books.

I loved reading Supergirl comics of my mum’s when I was a kid.

This is a DIY I made a year and a bit ago but never published on this blog. It is a really simple Supergirl outfit that is very cheep and anyone can do!

Gold Glitter Tip Nails

How to do a glitter tipped manicure. This does look really christmassy but could work well with other colours.

You can use any glitter but would recommend one that is very fine as this will be easier to use and will give the best results.

P1000714 P1000717 P1000721 P1000720 P1000724

Oasis wish list

I was browsing Osais and I was filling up a shopping cart of all the things I can’t afford so I decided instead of waste this imaginary shopping basket of the things that I want I will make it in to a wish list blog.

I love the prints and colours of all these items mostly flower and butterfly prints as I am getting prepared for Spring and Summer. I know it is February but the snow drops are out so it is nearly Spring alright!

The striped dress I feel that would work all year round and I love the hint of the salmon pink colour within the blue.

Oasis wish list

Red Lip Look for Pale Skin

Think you can’t wear a red lip when you are really pale? Well think again as this is a great look for anyone who wants to rock a red lip without looking washed out.

“I got that red lip classic thing that you like” – Taylor Swift, Style, 1989

Upcycle cans to a pen pot

So I fell down the pointers rabbit hole during the week and I decided to make myself a desk tidy/ pen pot for my cluttered desk.

It is made by using two cans, some paint, half a meter of ribbon and some super glue.

So to start off wash and dry the cans and make sure there is no sharp edges where the cans were opened. Then paint them, use a few layers to give a good texture. I used a tester pot of wall paint but acrylic works great.

Measure out the ribbon by wrapping it around the can and then secure. You need to use a strong glue so either super glue or a hot glue gun works well. Then stick the two cans together using the glue to make the pen pots together.